Dividend Reinvestment Plan

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Exhibit 10.2


Dividend reinvestment plan


Under the Trust’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan (the “Plan”), a Common Shareholder whose Common Shares are registered in his or her own name will have all distributions reinvested automatically by Equiniti Trust Company, LLC, which is agent under the Plan (the “Plan Agent”), unless the Common Shareholder elects to receive cash.


Distributions with respect to Common Shares registered in the name of a broker-dealer or other nominee (that is, in “street name”) will be reinvested in additional Common Shares under the Plan, unless the broker or nominee does not participate in the Plan or the Common Shareholder elects to receive distributions in cash. Investors who own Common Shares registered in street name should consult their broker-dealers for details regarding reinvestment. All distributions to investors who do not participate in the Plan will be paid by check mailed directly to the record holder by the Plan Agent, as dividend disbursing agent. A participant in the Plan who wishes to opt out of the Plan and elect to receive distributions in cash should contact the Plan Agent in writing at the address specified below or by calling the telephone number specified below.


Under the Plan, whenever the market price of the Common Shares is equal to or exceeds NAV at the time Common Shares are valued for purposes of determining the number of Common Shares equivalent to the cash dividend or capital gains distribution, participants in the Plan are issued new Common Shares from the Trust, valued at the greater of (i) the NAV as most recently determined or (ii) 95% of the then-current market price of the Common Shares. The valuation date is the dividend or distribution payment date or, if that date is not a NYSE trading day, the next preceding trading day. If the NAV of the Common Shares at the time of valuation exceeds the market price of the Common Shares, the Plan Agent will buy the Common Shares for the Plan in the open market, on the NYSE or elsewhere, for the participants’ accounts, except that the Plan Agent will endeavor to terminate purchases in the open market and cause the Trust to issue Common Shares at the greater of NAV or 95% of market value if, following the commencement of such purchases, the market value of the Common Shares exceeds NAV. If the Trust should declare a distribution or capital gains distribution payable only in cash, the Plan Agent will buy the Common Shares for the Plan in the open market, on the NYSE or elsewhere, for the participants’ accounts. There is no charge from the Trust for reinvestment of dividends or distributions in Common Shares pursuant to the Plan and no brokerage charges will be incurred with respect to Common Shares issued directly by the Trust pursuant to the Plan; however, all participants will pay a pro rata share of brokerage commissions incurred by the Plan Agent when it makes open-market purchases.


The Plan Agent maintains all shareholder accounts in the Plan and furnishes written confirmations of all transactions in the account, including information needed by shareholders for personal and tax records. Common Shares in the account of each Plan participant will be held by the Plan Agent in non-certificated form in the name of the participant.


In the case of shareholders such as banks, brokers or nominees, which hold Common Shares for others who are the beneficial owners, and participate in the Plan, the Plan Agent will administer the Plan on the basis of the number of Common Shares certified from time to time by the Common Shareholder as representing the total amount registered in the shareholder’s name and held for the account of beneficial owners who participate in the Plan.


Participants that request a sale of shares through the Plan Agent will incur brokerage charges in connection with such sales.


The automatic reinvestment of dividends and other distributions will not relieve participants of any income tax that may be payable or required to be withheld on such dividends or distributions.


Experience under the Plan may indicate that changes are desirable. Accordingly, the Trust reserves the right to amend or terminate its Plan as applied to any voluntary cash payments made and any dividend or distribution paid subsequent to written notice of the change sent to the members of such Plan at least 90 days before the record date for such dividend or distribution. The Plan also may be amended or terminated by the Plan Agent on at least 90 days’ prior written notice to the participants in such Plan. All correspondence concerning the Plan should be directed to the Plan Agent at XAI Octagon Floating Rate & Alternative Income Term Trust, c/o Equiniti Trust Company, LLC, 6201 15th Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11219.