Agent Agreement

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Exhibit 10.10



Agent Agreement


本代理协议(“本协议”)由下列各方于 年 月 日订立:

Agent Agreement signed on Day Month Year,


甲方:鲲澎(中国)有限公司 Party A: King Eagle (China) Ltd

注册地址: 北京市北京经济技术开发区荣华南路2号院1号楼27层2702

Registration Address: Beijing Economic Development Zone Rong Hua Nan Rd, No. 2 Building 1 27 Floor, 2702


Director: Wang Wen Qiang


乙方: 在以下签字的鲲澎(天津)科技有限公司(一家依中国法设立的有限责任公司,“鲲澎天津”)的股东/所有人。

Party B: King Eagle (Tian Jin) Technology Ltd (A shareholder/owner of a limited liability company established under Chinese law, "Kunpeng Tianjin").




A 甲方是依据中华人民共和国法律成立的,从事技术服务和商务咨询服务的外商投资有限公司。

Party A is a foreign investment limited company established in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China to engage in technical services and business consulting services.


B. 在本协议成立日,乙方是鲲澎天津的股东/所有人并且都合法持有鲲澎天津的股权。乙方合计持有鲲澎天津100%的股权。

On the date of the establishment of this agreement, Party B is the shareholder/owner of King Eagle Tianjin and legally holds equity in King Eagle Tianjin. Party B holds 100% of King Eagle Tianjin's equity in total


C. 乙方期望授予甲方(及甲方指定或授权的人士)作为乙方代理人,于法定最长的期间内在鲲澎天津股东/所有人会议上的投票权利。

Party B expects to grant Party A (and the person designated or authorized by Party A) the right to vote at Kunpeng Tianjin shareholders/owners meeting as the agent of Party B for the longest legal period






In view of this, the parties reached the following agreement:



Party B hereby agrees to authorize Party A's irrevocable license and, within the longest period permitted by law, to exercise the voting rights of Kunpeng Tianjin shareholders/owners. Party A shall exercise the voting right in accordance with Chinese law and Kunpeng Tianjin’s articles of association

2. 甲方可以设立或修改关于如何行使乙方在此赋予的权力的相关规则。包括但不限于规定在授权,采取行动,和签署采取行动的文件时所需要的甲方董事人数或比例。甲方必须根据上述规则进行行为。

Party A can establish or modify relevant rules on how to exercise the powers granted by Party B here. Including but not limited to stipulating the number or proportion of Party A’s directors required to authorize, take action, and sign documents to take action. Party A must act in accordance with the above rules.


3. 各方在此认识到,不管公司股权有任何变化,乙方都应当授权甲方任命的人士行使所有乙方股东/所有人投票权权利;乙方不得将其在鲲澎天津中的股东/所有人权益转让给任何个人或其他公司(除非甲方或其他甲方指定的人或者实体)。 乙方了解即使双方或其中一方不再持有鲲澎天津的股权利益,其也将继续履行合同。

The parties hereby recognize that, regardless of any changes in the company’s equity, Party B should authorize the person appointed by Party A to exercise all the voting rights of Party B’s shareholders/owners; Party B shall not transfer its shareholders/owners’ rights and interests in Kunpeng Tianjin To any individual or other company (unless Party A or other persons or entities designated by Party A). Party B understands that even if both parties or one of them no longer hold the equity interest in Kunpeng Tianjin, they will continue to perform the contract.


4. 本协议在各方签订时生效,如果一方为非自然人的,则该方已取得其内部有权机构所有必要正式授权。

This agreement is effective when the parties are signed. If one party is not a natural person, the party has obtained all necessary formal authorizations from its internal authority


5. 乙方向甲方陈述和保证:乙方合法拥有鲲澎天津股权,并且没有任何抵押和抵押担保。除了甲方以外,乙方未有向任何人授予任何股权和作为鲲澎天津股东/所有人的,与乙方的权利一样的授权书。乙方进一步陈述和保证乙方签署或交付本协议不违反适用于乙方的法律,法规,司法决定,行政命令,仲裁裁决,合同或契约。在此认识到如果代理人撤回对相关人士的任命,代理人将在撤销任命和授权的同时,任命其他人士作为代替以便在公司股东/所有人会上行使投票权和其他权利。

Party B represents and warrants to Party A that Party B legally owns Kunpeng Tianjin’s equity and does not have any mortgage or mortgage guarantee. Except for Party A, Party B has not granted anyone any equity and power of attorney as a shareholder/owner of Kunpeng Tianjin, which has the same rights as Party B. Party B further represents and warrants that the signing or delivery of this agreement by Party B does not violate the laws, regulations, judicial decisions, administrative orders, arbitration awards, contracts or contracts applicable to Party B. It is recognized here that if the agent withdraws the appointment of the relevant person, the agent will revoke the appointment and authorization while appointing another person as a substitute in order to exercise voting rights and other rights at the company's shareholders/owners meeting.





6. 除非甲方提前30天通知可以终止本协议外,本协议非经双方一致同意不得终止。

Unless Party A can terminate this agreement with 30 days' notice, this agreement shall not be terminated without the unanimous consent of both parties.


7. 本协议的任何修改和/或解除都必须采用书面形式。

Any modification and/or cancellation of this agreement must be in writing


8. 本协议的签订,效力,成立和履行适用中华人民共和国法律。

The signing, validity, establishment and performance of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China


9. 本协议一式十一份,每一方持有一份,每一份都具有同等效力。

This agreement is in eleven copies, each party holds one copy, and each copy has the same effect.


10. 如果因本协议产生争议,双方同意通过协商解决。如果双方不能在协商45日后达成一致,应提交中国国际经济贸易仲裁委员会,由该会依据其届时有效的仲裁规则进行仲裁。仲裁应在北京进行,仲裁使用的语言应为中文。仲裁裁决是具有终局效力,能够在具有管辖权的任何法院执行。

If a dispute occur due to this agreement, both parties agree to resolve it through negotiation. If the two parties cannot reach an agreement after 45 days of negotiation, they should submit it to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, which will conduct arbitration in accordance with its then effective arbitration rules. The arbitration shall be conducted in Beijing, and the language used in the arbitration shall be Chinese. The arbitration award is final and can be enforced in any court with jurisdiction



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The parties to this agreement or their authorized representatives sign this agreement



Party A: King Eagle (China) Ltd



Legal representative/Authorized Representative: (signature)



Name: Wang Wen Qiang



Position: Director


Party B  
刘翠莲Liu Cui Lian  
China ID card No.  


王智忠 Wang Zhi Zhong  
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张进晶Zhang Jin Jing    
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胡万凤 Hu Wan Feng    
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张媛媛 Zhang Yuan Yuan    
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滕慧Teng Hui    
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范占东 Fan Zhan Dong    
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李艳录 Li Yan Lu    
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毛香懿 Mao Xiang Yi    
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