Employment Agreement and Benefits Letter effective December 28, 2018 between WABCO Global GmbH and Alexander De Bock

Contract Categories: Human Resources - Employment Agreements
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Personal/Confidential Alexander De Bock XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Switzerland December 17, 2018 WABCO Benefits Dear Alexander, I refer to your planned relocation to Switzerland and wish to take this opportunity to confirm that you will be eligible to receive the following benefits offered by WABCO: ‒ Annual Incentive Plan with a target of 35%; ‒ Annual equity grant with a target of 100,000 USD; ‒ Annual financial planning budget of 5,000 USD; ‒ Annual Executive health check; ‒ Executive life insurance. All of the above-mentioned benefits are governed by the Omnibus Incentive Plan and the other relevant benefit plans, as may be amended from time to time. Alexander, I would like to thank you for your dedication and count on your continued commitment to help us reach our long term goals and deliver growth and prosperity for WABCO’s stakeholders. Sincerely, Olivier Noël Global Compensation and Benefits Leader There is nothing in this document which is intended to supersede local laws. Confidential Page 1 │1 December 17, 2018