Business Loan Agreement (Asset Based), dated June 24, 2020, between the Company and Texas Capital Bank, National Association

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References in the boxes above are for Lender’s use only and do not limit the applicability of this document to any particular loan or item. An item above containing “***” has been omitted due to text length limitations.




TSS, Inc.


Texas Capital Bank National Association


110 E. Old Settlers Road


Austin Office, Commercial Banking


Round Rock, TX 78664


98 San Jacinto Center


Suite 200


Austin, TX 78701


(512) 305-4000



THIS BUSINESS LOAN AGREEMENT (ASSET BASED) dated June 24, 2020 is made and executed between TSS, Inc. (“Borrower”) and Texas Capital Bank, National Association (“Lender”) on the following terms and conditions. Borrower has received prior commercial loans from Lender or has applied to Lender for a commercial loan or loans or other financial accommodations, including those which may be described on any exhibit or schedule to this Agreement. Borrower understands and agrees that: (A) in granting, renewing, or extending any Loan, Lender is relying upon Borrower’s representations, warranties, and agreements, as set forth in this Agreement; (B) the granting, renewing, or extending of any Loan by Lender at all times shall be subject to Lender’s sole judgment and discretion; and (C) all such Loans shall eb and remain subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


TERM. This Agreement shall be effective as of June 24, 2020 and shall continue in full force and effect, until such time as all of Borrower’s Loans in favor of Lender have been paid in full, including principal, interest, costs, expenses, attorney’s fees, and other fees and charges, or until December 31, 2020.


ADVANCE AUTHORITY. The following person or persons are authorized, except as provided in this paragraph, to request advances and authorize payments under the line of credit until Lender receives from Borrower, at Lender’s address shown above, written notice of revocation of such authority: Anthony Angelini, Chief Executive Officer & Secretary of TSS, Inc., and John K. Penver. Chief Financial Officer of TSS, Inc.. Interest will be charged from the date of each advancement on the amount of each advancement. All scheduled interest payments shall be current prior to advances being made; and upon lending officer’s approval.


LINE OF CREDIT. Lender agrees to make Advances to Borrower from time to time from the date of this Agreement to the Expiration Date, provided the aggregate amount of such Advances outstanding at any time does not exceed the Borrowing Base. Within the foregoing limits, Borrower may borrow, partially or wholly prepay, and reborrow under this Agreement as follows:


Conditions Precedent to Each Advance. Lender’s obligation to make any Advance to or for the account of Borrower under this Agreement is subject to the following conditions precedent, with all documents, instruments, opinions, reports, and other items required under this Agreement to be in form and substance satisfactory to Lender.




Lender shall have received evidence that this Agreement all Related Documents have been duly authorized, executed and delivered by Borrower to Lender.



Lender shall have received such opinions of counsel, supplemental opinions, and documents as Lender may request.



The security interests in the Collateral shall have been duly authorized, created, and perfected with first lien priority and shall be in full force and effect.



All guaranties required by Lender for the credit facility(ies) shall have been executed by each Guarantor, delivered to Lender and be in full force and effect.



Lender, at its option and for its sole benefit, shall have conducted an audit of Borrower’s Accounts, books, records, and operations, and Lender shall be satisfied as to their condition.



Borrower shall have paid to Lender all fees, costs, and expenses specified in this Agreement and the Related Documents as are then due and payable.



There shall not exist at the time of any Advance a condition which would constitute an Event of Default under this Agreement, and Borrower shall have delivered to Lender the compliance certificated call for I the paragraph below titled “Compliance Certificate”.


Making Loan Advances. Advances under this credit facility, as well as directions for payments from Borrower’s accounts, may be requested orally or in writing by authorized persons. Lender may, but need not, require that all oral requests be confirmed in writing. Each Advance shall be conclusively deemed to have been made at the request of and for the benefit of Borrower (1) when credited to any deposit account of Borrower maintained with Lender or (2) when advanced in accordance with the instructions of an authorized person. Lender, at its option, may set a cutoff time, after which all requests for Advances will be treated as having been requested on the next succeeding Business Day.




Mandatory Loan Repayments. If at any time the aggregate principal amount of the outstanding Advances shall exceed the applicable Borrowing Base, Borrower, immediately upon written or oral notice from Lender, shall pay to Lender an amount equal to the difference between the outstanding principal balance of the Advances and the Borrowing Base. On the Expiration Date, Borrower shall pay to Lender in full the aggregate unpaid principal amount of all Advances then outstanding and all accrued unpaid interest, together with all other applicable fees, costs and charges, if any, not yet paid.


Loan Account. Lender shall maintain on its books a record of account in which Lender shall make entries for each Advance and such other debits and credits as shall be appropriate in connection with the credit facility. Lender shall provide Borrower with periodic statements of Borrower’s account, which statements shall be considered to be correct and conclusively binding on Borrower unless Borrower notifies Lender to the contrary within thirty (30) days after Borrower’s receipt of any such statement which Borrower deems to be incorrect.


COLLATERAL. To secure payment of the Primary Credit Facility and performance of all other Loans, obligations and duties owed by Borrower to Lender, Borrower (and others, if required) shall grant to Lender Security Interests in such property and assets as Lender may require. Lender’s Security Interests in the Collateral shall be continuing liens and shall include the proceeds and products of the Collateral, including without limitation the proceeds of any insurance. With respect to the Collateral, Borrower agrees and represents and warrants to the Lender:


Perfection of Security Interests. Borrower agrees to execute all documents perfecting Lender’s Security Interests and to take whatever actions are requested by Lender to perfect and continue Lender’s Security Interests in the Collateral. Upon request of the Lender, Borrower will deliver to Lender any and all of the documents evidencing or constituting the Collateral, and Borrower will note Lender’s interest upon any and all chattel paper and instruments if not delivered to Lender for possession by Lender. Contemporaneous with the execution of this Agreement, Borrower will execute one or more UCC financing statements and any similar statements as may be required by applicable law, and Lender will file such financing statements and all such similar statements in the appropriate location or locations. Borrower hereby appoints Lender as its irrevocable attorney-in-fac for the purpose of executing any documents necessary to perfect, or to continue any Security Interest. Lender may at any time, and without further authorization from Borrower, file a carbon, photograph, facsimile, or other reproduction of any financing statement for use as a financing statement. Borrower will reimburse Lender for all expenses for the perfection, termination, and the continuation of Lender’s security interest in the Collateral. Borrower promptly will notify Lender before any change in Borrower’s Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number. Borrower further agrees to notify Lender in writing prior to any change in address or location of Borrower’s principal governance office or should Borrower merge or consolidate with any other entity.


Collateral Records. Borrower does now, and at all times hereafter shall, keep correct and accurate records of the Collateral, all of which records shall be available to Lender or Lender’s representatives upon demand for inspection and copying at any reasonable time. With respect to the Accounts, Borrower agrees to keep and maintain such records as Lender may require, including without limitation information concerning Eligible Accounts and Account balances and agings. Records related to Accounts (Receivables) are or will be located at company headquarters. The above is an accurate and completed list of all locations at which Borrower keeps or maintains business records concerning Borrower’s collateral.


Collateral Schedules. Concurrently with the execution and delivery of this Agreement, Borrower shall execute and deliver to Lender schedules of Accounts and schedules of Eligible Accounts in form and substance satisfactory to the Lender. Thereafter supplemental schedules shall be delivered according to the following schedule: With respect to Eligible Accounts, schedules shall be delivered Monthly within thirty (30) days. Only required if there is a balance outstanding or there is a pending request.


Representations and Warranties Concerning Accounts. With respect to he Accounts, Borrower represents and warrants to Lender: (1) Each Account represented by Borrower to be an Eligible Account for purposes of this Agreement conforms to the requirements of the definition of an Eligible Account; (2) All Account information listed on schedules delivered to Lender will be true and correct, subject to immaterial variance; and (3) Lender, its assigns, or agents shall have the right at any time, and at Borrower’s expense to inspect, examine, and audit Borrower’s records and to confirm with Account Debtors the accuracy of such Accounts.


REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES. Borrower represents and warrants to Lender, as of the date of this Agreement, as of the date of each disbursement of loan proceeds, as of the date of any renewal, extension or modification of any Loan, and at all times any Indebtedness exists:


Organization. Borrower is a corporation for profit which is, and at all times shall be, duly organized, validly existing, and in good standing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Delaware. Borrower is duly authorized to transact business in all other states in which Borrower is doing business, having obtained all necessary filings, governmental licenses and approvals for each state in which Borrower is doing business. Specifically, Borrower is, and at all times shall be, duly qualified as a foreign corporation in all states in which the failure to so qualify would have a material adverse effect on its business or financial condition. Borrower has the full power and authority to own its properties and to transact the business in which it is presently engaged or presently proposes to engage. Borrower maintains an office at 110 E. Old Settlers Road, Round Rock, TX 78664. Unless Borrower has designated otherwise in writing, the principal office is the office at which Borrower keeps its books and records including its records concerning the Collateral. Borrower will notify Lender prior to any change in the location of Borrower’s state of organization, or any change in Borrower’s name. Borrower shall do all things necessary to preserve, and to keep in full force and effect its existence, rights and privileges, and shall comply with all regulations, rules, ordinances, statutes, orders and decrees of any governmental or quasi-governmental authority or court applicable to Borrower and Borrower’s business activities.




Assumed Business Names. Borrower has filed or recorded all Documents or filings required by law relating to all assumed business names used by Borrower. Excluding the name of Borrower, the following is a complete list of all assumed names under which Borrower does business: None.


Authorization. Borrower’s execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement and all of the Related Documents have been duly authorized by all necessary action by Borrower and do not conflict with, result in a violation of, or constitute a default under (1) any provision of (a) Borrower’s articles of incorporation or organization, or bylaws, or (b) any agreement or other instrument binding upon Borrower or (2) any law, governmental regulation, court decree, or order applicable to Borrower or to Borrower’s properties.


Financial Information. Each of Borrower’s financial statements supplied to Lender truly and completely disclosed Borrower’s financial condition as of the date of the statement, and there has been no material adverse change in Borrower’s financial condition subsequent to the date of the most recent financial statement supplied to Lender. Borrower has no material contingent obligations except as disclosed in such financial statements.


Legal Effect. This Agreement constitutes, and any instrument or agreement Borrower is required to give under this Agreement when delivered will constitute legal, valid, and binding obligations of Borrower enforceable against Borrower in accordance with their respective terms.


Properties. Except as contemplated by this Agreement or as previously disclosed in Borrower’s financial statements or in writing to Lender and as accepted by Lender, and except for property tax liens for taxes not presently due and payable, Borrower owns and has good title to all of Borrower’s properties free and clear of all Security Interests, and has not executed any security documents or financing statements relating to such properties. All of Borrower’s properties are titled in Borrower’s legal name, and Borrower has not used or filed a financing statement under any other name for at least the last five (5) years.


Hazardous Substances. Except as disclosed to and acknowledged by Lender in writing, Borrower represents and warrants that: (1) During the period of Borrower’s ownership of the Collateral, there has been no use, generation, manufacture, storage, treatment, disposal, release or threatened release of any Hazardous Substance by any person on, under, about or from any of the Collateral. (2) Borrower has no knowledge of, or reason to believe that there has been (a) any breach or violation of any Environmental Laws; (b0 any use, generation, manufacture, storage, treatment, disposal, release or threatened release of any Hazardous Substance on, under, about or from the Collateral by any prior owners or occupants of any of the Collateral; or (c) any actual or threatened litigation or claims of any kind by any person relating to such matters. (3) Neither Borrower nor any tenant, contractor, agent or other authorized user of any of the Collateral shall use, generate, manufacture, store, treat, dispose of or release any Hazardous Substance on, under, about or from any of the Collateral; and any such activity shall be conducted in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances, including without limitation all Environmental Laws. Borrower authorizes Lender and its agents to enter upon the Collateral to make such inspections and test as Lender may deem appropriate to determine compliance of the Collateral with this section of the Agreement. Any inspections or tests made by Lender shall be at Borrower’s expense and for Lender’s purposes only and shall not be construed to create any responsibility or liability on the part of Lender to Borrower or to any other person. The representations and warranties contained herein are based on Borrower’s due diligence in investigating the Collateral for hazardous waste and Hazardous Substances. Borrower hereby (1) releases and waives any future claims against Lender for indemnity or contribution in the event Borrower becomes liable for cleanup or other costs under any such laws, and (2) agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Lender against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, penalties, and expenses with Lender may directly or indirectly sustain or suffer resulting from a breach of this section of the Agreement or as a consequence of any use, generation, manufacture, storage, disposal, release or threatened release of a hazardous wasted or substance on the Collateral. The provisions o this section of the Agreement, including the obligation to indemnify and defend, shall survive the payment of the Indebtedness and the termination, expiration or satisfaction of this Agreement and shall not be affected by Lender’s acquisition of any interest in any of the Collateral, whether by foreclosure or otherwise.


Litigation and Claims. No litigation, claim, investigation, administrative proceeding or similar action (including those for unpaid taxes) against Borrower is pending or threatened, and no other event has occurred which may materially adversely affect Borrower’s financial condition or properties, other than litigation, claims, or other events, if any, that have been disclosed to and acknowledged by Lender in writing.


Taxes. To the best of Borrower’s knowledge, all of Borrower’s tax returns and reports that are or were required to be filed, have been filed, and all taxes, assessments and other governmental charges have been paid in full, except those presently being or to be contested by Borrower in good faith in the ordinary course of business and for which adequate reserves have been provided.


Lien Priority. Unless otherwise previously disclosed to Lender in writing, Borrower has not entered into or granted any Security Agreements, or permitted the filing or attachment of any Security Interests on or affecting any of the Collateral directly or indirectly securing repayment of Borrower’s Loan and Note, that would be prior or that may in any way be superior to Lender’s Security Interests and rights in and to such Collateral.




Binding Effect. This Agreement, the Note, all Security Agreements (if any), and all Related Documents are binding upon the signers thereof, as well as upon their successors, representatives, and assigns, and are legally enforceable in accordance with their respective terms.


AFFIRMATIVE COVENANTS. Borrower covenants and agrees with Lender that, so long as this Agreement remains in effect, Borrower will:


Notices of Claims and Litigation. Promptly inform Lender in writing of (10 all material adverse changes in Borrower’s financial condition, and (2) all existing and all threatened litigation, claims, investigations, administrative proceedings or similar actions affecting Borrower or any Guarantor which could materially affect the financial condition of Borrower or the financial condition of any Guarantor.


Financial Records. Maintain its books and records in accordance with GAAP, applied on a consistent basis and permit Lender to examine and audit Borrower’s books and records at all reasonable times.


Financial Statements. Furnish Lender with the following:


Annual Statements. As soon as available, but in no event later than one-hundred-twenty (120) days after the end of each fiscal year, Borrower’s balance sheet and income statement for the year ended, audited by a certified public accountant satisfactory to Lender.


Interim Statements. As soon as available, but in no event later than forty-five (45) days after the end of each fiscal quarter, Borrower’s balance sheet and profit and loss statement for the period ended, prepared by Borrower.


Additional Requirements.


Borrowing Base Certificate. If there is an outstanding balance or a pending advance request, within thirty (30) days after each month end, Borrower shall deliver to Lender a borrowing base certificate, in form and detail satisfactory to Lender, along with such supporting documentation as Lender may request, including without limitation, an accounts receivable aging report and/or a list or schedule of Borrower’s accounts receivable, inventory and/or equipment.


FIELD EXAM. Borrower agrees to field exam at Lender’s discretion, performed by the Lender at the Borrower’s expense.


All financial reports required to be provided under this Agreement shall be prepared in accordance with GAAP, applied on a consistent basis, and certified by Borrower as being true and correct.


Additional Information. Furnish such additional information and statements, as Lender may request from time to time.


Additional Requirements.


Depository Relationship. Establish and maintain its primary operating account (s) with Lender.


FIXED CHARGE COVERAGE RATIO. Maintain a minimum ration of 1.25 to 1.00. Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio will be calculated quarterly and is defined as the trailing twelve month earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization minus non-recurring gains and income less unfinanced capital expenditures divided by any principal payments made during the trailing twelve period with the exception of RLOC pay downs plus cash interest payments. This ration will only be calculated if principal payments are made on any debt excluding payments made on the subject line of credit, Dell financing arrangement. CAPEX in the definition will include a one-time carve out for the recording of any newly signed office lease liability.


Total Leverage Ratio: Maintain a maximum ratio of 3.00 to 1.00. The Total Leverage Ratio will be calculated quarterly and is defined as total funded debt divided by the trailing twelve months earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization minus non-recurring gains and income. Debt will exclude lease liabilities associated with leased offices.


Total Interest Coverage Ratio. Maintain a minimum ratio of 2.50 to 1.00. If not, TSS, Inc. may satisfy this requirement by meeting a 1.25 minimum Total Interest Coverage Ratio and maintaining unrestricted liquidity for the greater of (i) $2,000,000 or (ii) 2 times the outstanding balance on the Revolving Line of Credit. The Total Interest Coverage Ratio will be calculated quarterly and is defined as the trailing twelve month net income plus interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization minus any non-recurring gains minus unfinanced capital expenditures divided by cash interest payments. Capital expenditures in the ratio will include a one-time carve-out for the recording of any newly signed office lease liability.


Insurance. Maintain fire and other risk insurance, public liability insurance, and such other insurance as Lender may require with respect to Borrower’s properties and operations in form, amounts, and coverages reasonably acceptable to Lender and by insurance companies authorized to transact business in Texas. BORROWER MAY FURNISH THE INSURANCE REQUIRED BY THIS AGREEMETN WHETHER THROUGH EXISTING POLICIES OWNED OR CONTROLLED BY BORROWER OR THROUGH EQUIVALENT COVERAGE FROM ANY INSURANCE COMPANY AUTHORIZED TO TRANSACT BUSINESS IN TEXAS. Borrower, upon request of Lender, will deliver to Lender from time to time the policies or certificates of insurance in form satisfactory to Lender, including stipulations that coverages will not be cancelled or diminished without at least ten (10) days prior written notice to Lender. Each insurance policy also shall include an endorsement providing that coverage in favor of Lender will not be impaired in any way by any act, omission or default of Borrower or any other person. In connection with all policies covering assets in which Lender holds or is offered a security interest for the Loans, Borrower will provide Lender with such lender’s loss payable or other endorsements as Lender may require.




Insurance Reports. Furnish to Lender, upon request of Lender, reports on each existing insurance policy showing such information as Lender may reasonably request, including without limitation the following: (1) the name of the insurer; (2) the risks insured; (3) the amount of the policy; (4) the properties insured; (5) the then current property values on the basis of which insurance has been obtained and the manner of determining those values; and (6) the expiration date of the policy. In addition, upon request of Lender (however not more than annually), Borrower will have an independent appraiser satisfactory to Lender determine, as applicable, the actual cash value or replacement cost of any Collateral. The cost of such appraisal shall be paid by Borrower.


Guaranties. Prior to disbursement of any Loan proceeds, furnish executed guaranties of the Loans in favor of Lender, executed by the guarantors named below, on Lender’s forms, and in the amounts and under the conditions set forth in those guaranties.


  Names of Guarantors Amount 
  VTC, L.L.C. Unlimited
  Vortech, L.L.C. Unlimited


Other Agreements. Comply with all terms and conditions of al other agreements, whether now or hereafter existing, between Borrower and any other party and notify Lender immediately in writing of any default in connection with any other such agreements.


Loan Proceeds. Use all Loan proceeds solely for Borrower’s business operations, unless specifically consented to the contrary by Lender in writing.


Taxes, Charges and Liens. Pay and discharge when due all of its indebtedness and obligations, including without limitation all assessments, taxes, governmental charges, levies and liens, of every kind and nature, imposed upon Borrower or its properties, income, or profits, prior to the date on which penalties would attach, and all lawful claims that, if unpaid, might become a lien or charge upon any of Borrower’s properties, income, or profits. Provided however, Borrower will not be required to pay and discharge any such assessment, tax, charge, levy, lien or claims so long as (1) the legality of the same shall be contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings, and (2) Borrower shall have established on Borrower’s books adequate reserves with respect to such contested assessment, tax, charge, levy, lien or claim in accordance with GAAP.


Performance. Perform and comply, in a timely manner, with all terms, conditions and provisions set forth in this Agreement, in the Related Documents, and in all other instruments and agreements between Borrower and Lender. Borrower shall notify Lender immediately in writing of any default in connection with any agreement.


Operations. Maintain executive and management personnel with substantially the same qualifications and experience as the present executive and managerial personnel; provide written notice to Lender of any change in executive and managerial personnel; conduct its business affairs in a reasonable and prudent manner.


Environmental Studies .Promptly conduct and complete, at Borrower’s expense, all such investigations, studies, samplings and testings as may be required by Lender or any governmental authority relative to any substance, or any waste or by-product of any substance defined as toxic or a hazardous substance under applicable federal, state, or local law, rule, regulation, order or directive, at or affecting any property or any facility owned, leased or used by Borrower.


Compliance with Governmental Requirements. Comply with all laws, ordinances, and regulations, now or hereafter in effect, of all governmental authorities applicable to the conduct of Borrower’s properties, businesses and operations, and to the use or occupancy of the Collateral, including without limitation, the Americans With Disabilities Act. Borrower may contest in good faith any such law, ordinance, or regulation or withhold compliance during any proceeding, including appropriate appeals, so long as Borrower has notified Lender in writing prior to doing so and so long as, in Lender’s sole opinion, Lender’s interests in the Collateral are not jeopardized. Lender may require Borrower to post adequate security or a surety bond, reasonably satisfactory to Lender, to protect Lender’s interest.


Inspection. Permit employees or agents of Lender at any reasonable time to inspect any and all Collateral for the Loan or Loans and Borrower’s other properties and to examine or audit Borrower’s books, accounts and records and to make copies and memoranda of Borrower’s books, accounts and records. If Borrower nor or at any time hereafter maintains any records (including without limitation computer generated records and computer software programs for the generation of such records) in the possession of a third party, Borrower, upon request of Lender, shall notify such party to permit Lender free access to such records at all reasonable times and to provide Lender with copies of any records it may request, all at Borrower’s expense.




Compliance Certificates. Unless waived in writing by Lender, provide Lender within forty-five (45) days after the end of each fiscal quarter, with a certificate executed by Borrower’s chief financial officer, or other officer or person acceptable to Lender, certifying that the representations and warranties set forth in this Agreement are true and correct as of the date of the certificate and further certifying that, as of the date of the certificate, no Events of Default exists under this Agreement.


Environmental Compliance and Reports. Borrower shall comply in all respects with any and all Environmental Laws; not cause or permit to exist, as a result of an intentional or unintentional action or omission on Borrower’s part or on the part of any third party, on property owned and/or occupied by Borrower, any environmental activity where damage may result to the environment, unless such environmental activity is pursuant to and in compliance with the conditions of a permit issued by the appropriate federal, state or local governmental authorities; shall furnish to Lender promptly and in any event within thirty (30) days after receipt thereof a copy of any notice, summons, lien, citation, directive, letter or other communication from any governmental agency or instrumentality concerning any intentional or unintentional action or omission on Borrower’s part in connection with any environmental activity whether or not there is damage to the environment and/or other natural resources.


Additional Assurances. Make, execute and deliver to Lender such promissory notes, mortgages, deeds of trust, security agreements, assignments, financing statements, instruments, documents and other agreements as Lender or its attorneys may reasonably request to evidence and secure the Loans and to perfect all Security Interests.


LENDERS EXPENDITURES. If any action or proceeding is commenced that would materially affect Lender’s interest in the Collateral or if Borrower fails to comply with any provisions of this Agreement or any Related Documents, including but not limited to Borrower’s failure to discharge or pay when due any amounts Borrower is required to discharge or pay under this Agreement or any Related Documents, Lender, on Borrower’s behalf may (but shall not be obligated to) take any action that Lender deems appropriate, including but not limited to discharging or paying all taxes, liens, security interest, encumbrances and other claims, at any time levied or placed on any Collateral and paying all costs for insuring, maintaining and preserving any Collateral. All such expenditures paid by Lender for such purposes will then bear interest at the Note rate from the date paid by Lender to the date of repayment by Borrower. To the extent permitted by applicable law, all such expenses will become a part of the Indebtedness and, at Lender’s option, will (A) be payable on demand; (B) be added to the balance of the Note and be apportioned among and be payable with any installment payments to become due during either (1) the term of any applicable insurance policy; or (2) the remaining term of the Note; or (C) be treated as a balloon payment which will be due and payable at the Note’s maturity.


NEGATIVE COVENANTS. Borrower covenants and agrees with Lender that while this Agreement is in effect, Borrower shall not, without the prior written consent of Lender:


Additional Financial Restrictions.


Indebtedness and Liens. (1) Except for trade debt incurred in the normal course of business and indebtedness to Lender contemplated by this Agreement, create, incur or assume indebtedness for borrowed money, including capital leases, in excess of the aggregate amount of $250,000.00 per fiscal year (2) sell, transfer, mortgage, assign, pledge, lease, grant a security interest in, or encumber any of Borrower’s assets (except as allowed as Permitted Liens), or (3) sell with recourse any of Borrower’s accounts, except to Lender.


Maintain Basic Business. Maintain the current business activities in which Borrower is presently engage.


Transfer of Assets. Transfer, sell or otherwise dispose of any of Borrower’s assets to another entity.


Continuity of Operations. (1) Engage in any business activities substantially different than those in which Borrower is presently engaged, (2) cease operations, liquidate, merge or restructure as a legal entity (whether by division or otherwise), consolidate with or acquire any other entity, change its name, convert to another type of entity or redomesticate, dissolve or transfer or sell Collateral out of the ordinary course of business, or (3) pay any dividends on Borrower’s stock (other than dividends payable in its stock), provided, however that notwithstanding the foregoing, but only so long as no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing or would result from the payment of dividends, if Borrower is a “Subchapter S Corporation” (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended), Borrower may pay cash dividends on its stock to its shareholders from time to time in amounts necessary to enable the shareholders to pay income taxes and make estimated income tax payments to satisfy their liabilities under federal and state law which arise solely from their status as Shareholders of a Subchapter S Corporation because of their ownership of shares of Borrower’s stock, or purchase or retire any of Borrower’s outstanding shares or alter or amend Borrower’s capital structure.


CESSAION OF ADVANCES. If Lender has made any commitment to make any Loan to Borrower, whether under this Agreement or under any other agreement, Lender shall have no obligation to make Loan Advances or to disburse Loan proceeds if: (A) Borrower or any Guarantor is in default under the terms of this Agreement or any of the Related Documents or any other agreement that Borrower or Guarantor has with Lender, (B) Borrower or any Guarantor dies, becomes incompetent or becomes insolvent, files a petition in bankruptcy or similar proceedings, or is adjudged a bankrupt; (C) there occurs a material adverse change in Borrower’s financial condition, in the financial condition of any Guarantor, or in the value of any Collateral securing any Loan; or (D) any Guarantor seeks, claims or otherwise attempts to limit, modify or revoke such Guarantor’s guaranty of the Loan or any loan with Lender; or (E) Lender in good faith deems itself insecure, even though no Event of Default shall have occurred.




RIGHT OF SETOFF. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Lender reserves a right of setoff in all Borrower’s accounts with Lender (whether checking, savings, or some other account). This includes all accounts Borrower holds jointly with someone else and all accounts Borrower may open in the future. However, this does not include any IRA or Keogh accounts, or any trust accounts for which setoff would be prohibited by law. Borrower authorizes Lender, to the extent permitted by applicable law, to charge or setoff all sums owing on the Indebtedness against any and all such accounts.


DEFAULT. Each of the following shall constitute an Event of Default under this Agreement:


Payment Default. Borrower fails to make any payment when due under the Loan.


Other Defaults. Borrower fails to comply with or to perform any other term, obligation, covenant or condition contained in this Agreement or in any of the Related Documents or to comply with or to perform any term, obligation, covenant or condition contained in any other agreement between Lender and Borrower.


Default in Favor of Third Parties. Borrower or any Grantor defaults under any loan, extension of credit security agreement, purchase or sales agreement, or any other agreement, in favor of any other creditor or person that may materially affect any of Borrower’s or any Grantor’s property or Borrower’s or any Grantor’s ability to repay the Loans or perform their respective obligations under this Agreement or any of the Related Documents.


False Statements. Any warranty, representation or statement made or furnished to Lender by Borrower or on Borrower’s behalf under this Agreement or the Related Documents is false or misleading in any material respect, either now or at the time made or furnished or become false or misleading at any time thereafter.


Insolvency. The dissolution or termination of Borrower’s existence as a going business, the insolvency of Borrower, the appointment of a receiver for any part of Borrower’s property, any assignment for the benefit of creditors, any type of creditor workout, or the commencement of any proceeding under any bankruptcy or insolvency laws by or against Borrower.


Defective Collateralization. This Agreement or any of the Related Documents ceases to be in full force and effect (including failure of any collateral document to create a valid and perfected security interest or lien) ant any time and for any reason.


Creditor of Forfeiture Proceedings. Commencement of foreclosure or forfeiture proceedings, whether by judicial proceeding, self-help, repossession or any other method, by any creditor of Borrower or by any governmental agency against any collateral securing the Loan. This includes a garnishment of Borrower’s accounts, including deposit accounts, with Lender. However, this Event of Default shall not apply if there is a good faith dispute by Borrower as to the validity or reasonableness of the claim which is the basis of the creditor or forfeiture proceeding and if Borrower gives Lender written notice of the creditor or forfeiture proceeding and deposits with Lender monies or a surety bond for the creditor or forfeiture proceeding, in an amount determined by Lender, in its sole discretion, as being an adequate reserve or bond for the dispute.


Events Affecting Guarantor. Any of the preceding events occur with respect to any Guarantor of any of the Indebtedness or any Guarantor dies, becomes incompetent, or revokes or disputes the validity of, or liability under, any Guaranty of the Indebtednes.


Change in Ownership. Any change in ownership of twenty-five percent (25%) or more of the common stock of Borrower.


Adverse Change. A material adverse change occurs in Borrower’s financial condition, or Lender believes the prospect of payment or performance of the Loan is impaired.


Insecurity. Lender in good faith believes itself insecure.


EFFECT OF AN EVENT OF DEFAULT. If any Event of Default shall occur, except where otherwise provided in this Agreement or the Related Documents, all commitments and obligations of Lender under this Agreement or the Related Documents or any other agreement immediately will terminate (including any obligation to make further Loan Advances or disbursements), and at Lender’s option, all Indebtedness immediately will become due and payable, all without notice of any kind to Borrower, except that in the case of an Event of Default of the type described in the “Insolvency” subsection above, such acceleration shall be automatic and not optional. In addition, Lender shall have all the rights and remedies provided in the Related Documents or available at law, in equity, or otherwise. Except as may be prohibited by applicable law, all of Lender’s rights and remedies shall be cumulative and may be exercised singularly or concurrently. Election by Lender to pursue any remedy shall not exclude pursuit of any other remedy, and an election to make expenditures or to take action to perform an obligation of Borrower or of any Grantor shall not affect Lender’s rig to declare a default and to exercise its rights and remedies.


MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS. The following miscellaneous provisions are a part of this Agreement:


Amendments. This Agreement, together with any Related Documents, constitutes the entire understanding and agreement of the parties to the matters set forth in this Agreement. No alteration of or amendment to this Agreement shall be effective unless given in writing and signed by the party or parties sought to be charged or bound by the alteration or amendment.




Attorneys’ Fees; Expenses. Borrower agrees to pay upon demand all of Lender’s costs and expenses, including Lender’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and Lender’s legal expenses, incurred in connection with the enforcement of this Agreement. Lender may hire or pay someone else to help enforce this Agreement, and Borrower shall pay the costs and expenses of such enforcement. Costs and expenses include Lender’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and legal expenses whether or not there is a lawsuit, including Lender’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and legal expenses for bankruptcy proceedings (including efforts to modify or vacate any automatic stay or injunction), appeals, and any anticipated post-judgment collection services. Borrower shall also pay all court costs and such additional fees as may be directed by the court.


Caption Headings. Caption headings in this Agreement are for convenience purposes only and are not to be used to interpret or define the provisions of this Agreement.


Consent to Loan Participation. Borrower agrees and consents to Lender’s sale or transfer, whether now or later, of one or more participation interests in the Loan to one or more purchasers, whether related or unrelated to Lender. Lender may provide, without any limitation whatsoever, to any one or more purchasers, or potential purchasers, any information or knowledge Lender may have about Borrower or about any other matter relating to the Loan, and Borrower hereby waives any rights to privacy Borrower may have with respect to such matters. Borrower additionally waives any and all notices of sale of participation interests, as well as notices of any repurchase of such participation interests. Borrower also agrees that the purchasers of any such participation interests will be considered as the absolute owners of such interests in the Loan and will have all the rights granted under the participation agreement or agreements governing the sale of such participation interest. Borrower further waives all rights of offset or counterclaim that it may have now or later against Lender or against any purchaser of such a participation interest and unconditionally agrees that either Lender or such purchaser may enforce Borrower’s obligations under the Loan irrespective of the failure or insolvency of any holder of any interest in the Loan. Borrower further agrees that the purchaser of any such participation interests may enforce its interests irrespective of any personal claims or defenses that Borrower may have against Lender.


Governing Law. This Agreement will be governed by federal law applicable to Lender and, to the extent not preempted by federal law, the laws of the State of Texas without regard to its conflict of law provisions. This Agreement has been accepted by Lender in the State of Texas.


No Waiver by Lender. Lender shall not be deemed to have waived any rights under this Agreement unless such waiver is given in writing and signed by Lender. No delay or omission on the part of Lender in exercising any right shall operate as a waiver of such right or any other right. A waiver by Lender of a provision of this Agreement shall not prejudice or constitute a waiver of Lender’s right otherwise to demand strict compliance with that provision or any other provision of this Agreement. No prior waiver by Lender, nor any course of dealing between Lender and Borrower, or between Lender and any Grantor, shall constitute a waiver of any of Lender’s rights or of any of Borrower’s or any Grantor’s obligations as to any future transactions. Whenever the consent of Lender is required under this Agreement, the granting of such consent by Lender in any instance shall not constitute continuing consent to subsequent instances where such consent is required and in all cases such consent may be granted or withheld in the sole discretion of Lender.


Notices. Any notice required to be given under this Agreement shall be given in writing, and shall be effective when actually delivered, when actually received by telefacsimile (unless otherwise required by law), when deposited with a nationally recognized overnight courier, or if mailed, when deposited in the United States mail, as first class, certified or registered mail postage prepaid, directed to the addresses shown near the beginning of this Agreement. Any party may change its address for notices under this Agreement by giving formal written notice to the other parties, specifying that the purpose of the notice is to change the party’s address. For notice purposes, Borrower agrees to keep Lender informed at all times of Borrower’s current address. Unless otherwise provided or required by law, if there is more than one Borrower, any notice given by Lender to any Borrower is deemed to be notice given to all Borrowers.


Payment of Interest and Fees. Not withstanding any other provisions of this Agreement or an provision of any Related Document, Borrower does not agree or intend to pay, and Lender does not agree or intend to charge, collect, take, reserve or receive (collectively referred herein as “charge” or “collect”), any amount in the nature of interest or in the nature of a fee for the Loan which would in any way or event (including demand, prepayment, or acceleration) cause Lender to contract for, charge or collect more for the Loan than the maximum Lender would be permitted to charge or collect by any applicable federal or Texas state law. Any such excess interest or unauthorized fee will, instead of anything stated to the contrary, be applied first to reduce the unpaid principal balance of the Loan, and when the principal has been paid in full, be refunded to Borrower.


Severability. If a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of this Agreement to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable as to any circumstance, that finding shall not make the offending provision illegal, invalid or unenforceable as to any other circumstance. If feasible, the offending provision shall be considered modified so that it becomes legal, valid and enforceable. If the offending provision cannot be so modified, it shall be considered deleted from this Agreement. Unless otherwise required by law, the illegality, invalidity, or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement shall not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement.


Subsidiaries and Affiliates of Borrower. To the extent the context of any provisions of this Agreement makes it appropriate, including without limitation any representation, warranty or covenant, the word “Borrower” as used in this Agreement shall include all of Borrower’s subsidiaries and affiliates. Notwithstanding the foregoing however, under no circumstances shall this Agreement be construed to require Lender to make any Loan or other financial accommodation to any of Borrower’s subsidiaries of affiliates.




Successors and Assigns. All covenants and agreements by or behalf of Borrower contained in this Agreement or any Related Documents shall bind Borrower’s successors and assigns and shall inure to the benefit of Lender and its successors and assigns. Borrower shall not, however, have the right to assign Borrower’s rights under this Agreement or any interest therein, without the prior written consent of Lender.


Survival of Representations and Warranties. Borrower understand and agrees that in extending Loan Advances, Lender is relying on all representations, warranties, and covenants made by Borrower in this Agreement or in any certificate or other instrument delivered by Borrower to Lender under this Agreement or the Related Documents. Borrower further agrees that regardless of any investigation made by Lender, all such representations, warranties and covenants will survive the extension of Loan Advances and delivery to Lender of the Related Documents, shall be continuing in nature, shall be deemed made and redated by Borrower at the time each Loan Advance is made, and shall remain in full force and effect until such time as Borrower’s indebtedness shall be paid in full, or until this Agreement shall be terminated in the manner provided above, whichever is the last to occur.


Time is of the Essence. Time is of the essence in the performance of this Agreement.


Waive Jury. All parties to this Agreement hereby waive the right to any jury trial in any action, proceeding, or counterclaim brought by any party against any other party.


Additional Eligible Accounts. The words “Eligible Accounts” shall also mean at any time, all of Guarantor’s Accounts which contain selling terms and conditions acceptable to Lender.


DEFINITIONS. The following capitalized words and terms shall have the following meanings when used in this Agreement. Unless specifically stated to the contrary, all references to dollar amounts shall mean amounts in lawful money of the United States of America. Words and terms used in the singular shall include the plural, and the plural shall include the singular, as the context may require. Words and terms not otherwise defined in this Agreement shall have the meanings attributed to such terms in the Uniform Commercial Code. Accounting word and terms not otherwise defined in this Agreement shall have the meanings assigned to them in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles as in effect on the date of this Agreement:


Account. The word “Account” means a trade account, account receivable, other receivable, or other right to payment for goods sold or services rendered owing to Borrower (or to a third part grantor acceptable to Lender).


Account Debtor. The words “Account Debtor” mean the person or entity obligated upon an Account.


Advance. The word “Advance” means a disbursement of Loan funds made, or to be made, to Borrower or on Borrower’s behalf under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


Agreement. The word “Agreement” means this Business Loan Agreement (Asset Based), as this Business Loan Agreement (Asset Based) may be amended or modified from time to time, together with all exhibits and schedules attached to this Business Loan Agreement (Asset Based) from time to time.


Borrower. The word “Borrower” means TSS, Inc. and includes all co-signers and co-makers signing the Note and all their successors and assigns.


Borrowing Base. The words “Borrowing Base” mean, as determined by Lender from time to time, the lesser of (1) $1,500,000.00 or (2) 80% of the aggregate amount of Eligible Accounts.


Business Day. The words “Business Day” mean a day on which commercial banks are open in the State of Texas.


Collateral. The word “Collateral” means all property and assets granted as collateral security for a Loan, whether real or personal property, whether granted directly or indirectly, whether granted now or in the future, and whether granted in the form of a security interest, mortgage, collateral mortgage, deed of trust, assignment, pledge, crop pledge, chattel mortgage, collateral chattel mortgage, chattel trust, factor’s lien, equipment trust, conditional sale, trust receipt, lien, charge, lien or title retention contract, lease or consignment intended as a security device, or any other security or lien interest whatsoever, whether created by law, contract or otherwise. The word Collateral also includes without limitation all collateral described in the Collateral section of this Agreement.


Eligible Accounts. The words “Eligible Accounts” mean at any time, all of Borrower’s Accounts which contain selling terms and conditions acceptable to Lender. The net amount of any Eligible Accounts against which Borrower may borrow shall exclude all returns, discounts, credits, and offsets of any nature. Unless otherwise agreed to by Lender in writing, Eligible Accounts do not include:




Accounts with respect to which the Account Debtor is employee or agent of Borrower.



Accounts with respect to which the Account Debtor is a subsidiary of, or affiliated with Borrower or its shareholders, officers or directors.



Accounts with respect to which goods are placed on consignment, guaranteed sale, or other terms by reason of which the payment by the Account Debtor may be conditional.






Accounts with respect to which the Account Debtor is not a resident of the United States, except to the extent such Accounts are supported by insurance, bonds or other assurances satisfactory to Lender.



Accounts with respect to which Borrower is or may become liable to the Account Debtor for goods sold or services rendered by the Account Debtor to Borrower.



Accounts which are subject to dispute, counterclaim, or setoff.



Accounts with respect to which the goods have not been shipped or delivered, or the services have not been rendered, to the Account Debtor.



Accounts with respect to which Lender, in its sole discretion, deems the creditworthiness or financial condition of the Account Debtor to be unsatisfactory.



Accounts of any Account Debtor who has filed or has had filed against it a petition in bankruptcy or an application for relief under any provision of any state or federal bankruptcy, insolvency, or debtor-in-relief acts; or who has had appointed a trustee, custodian, or receiver for the assets of such Account Debtor; or who has made an assignment for the benefit of creditors or has become insolvent or fails generally to pay its debts (including its payrolls) as such debts become due.



Accounts with respect to which the Account Debtor is the United States government or any department or agency of the United States.



Accounts which have not been paid in full within ninety (90) days from the invoice date. The entire balance of any Account of any single Account Debtor will be ineligible whenever the portion of the Account which has not been paid within ninety (90) days for the invoice date is in excess of 25.000% of the total amount outstanding on the Account.



That portion of the Accounts of any single Account Debtor which exceeds 25.000% of all of Borrower’s Accounts.






Bonded Contracts.



Dell as long as Citi/Dell Vendor financing program is being used.



Customer Deposits.



For any single Account Debtor with a deferred revenue balance, the deferred revenue balance will be excluded from that single Account Debtor’s total Accounts balance.



The portion of the Accounts of any single investment grade rating Account Debtor which exceeds 30.00% of all Borrower’s and Guarantor’s Accounts. Item number 12 above refers to non-investment grade rating Account Debtors.


Environmental Laws. The words “Environmental Laws” mean any all state, federal and local statutes, regulations and ordinances relating to the protection of human health or the environment, including without limitation the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980, as amended, 42 U.S.C. Section 9601, et. Seq. (”CERCLA”), the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986, Pub. L. No. 99-499 (“SARA”), the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act, 49 U.S.C. Section 1801, et seq., the Resource Conservation and Recovery act, 42 U.S.C. Section 6901, et. Seq., or other applicable state or federal laws, rules, or regulations adopted pursuant thereto.


Event of Default. The words “Event of Default” mean any of the events of default set forth in this Agreement in the default section of this Agreement.


Expiration Date. The words “Expiration Date” mean the date of termination of Lender’s commitment to lend under this Agreement.


GAAP. The word “GAAP” means generally accepted accounting principles.


Grantor. The word “Grantor” means each and all of the persons or entities granting a Security Interest in any Collateral for the Loan, including without limitation all Borrowers granting such a Security Interest.


Guarantor. The word “Guarantor” means any guarantor, surety, or accommodation party of any or all of the Loan.


Guaranty. The word “Guaranty” means the guaranty from Guarantor to Lender, including without limitation a guaranty of all or part of the Note.


Hazardous Substances. The words “Hazardous Substances” mean materials that, because of their quantity, concentration or physical, chemical or infectious characteristics, may cause or pose a present or potential hazard to human health or the environment when improperly used, treated, stored, disposed of, generated, manufactured, transported, or otherwise handled. The words “Hazardous Substances” are used in their very broadest sense and include without limitation any and all hazardous or toxic substances, materials or waste as defined by or listed under the Environmental Laws. The term “Hazardous Substances” also includes, without limitation, petroleum and petroleum by-products or any fraction thereof and asbestos.


Indebtedness. The word “Indebtedness” means the indebtedness evidenced by the Note or Related Documents, including all principal and interest together with all other indebtedness and costs and expenses for which Borrower is responsible under this Agreement or under any of the Related Documents.


Lender. The word “Lender” means Texas Capital Bank, National Association, its successors and assigns.




Loan. The word “Loan” means any and all loans and financial accommodations from Lender to Borrower whether now or hereafter existing, and however evidenced, including without limitation those loans and financial accommodations described herein or described on any exhibit or schedule attached to this Agreement from time to time.


Note. The word “Note” means the Note dated June 24, 2020 and executed by TSS, Inc. in the principal amount of $1,500,000.00, together with all renewals of, extensions of, modifications of, refinancings of, consolidations of, and substitutions for the note or credit agreement.


Primary Credit Facility. The words “Primary Credit Facility” mean the credit facility described in the Line of Credit section of this Agreement.


Related Documents. The words “Related Documents” mean all promissory notes, credit agreements, loan agreements, environmental agreements, guaranties, security agreements, mortgages, deeds of trust, security deeds, collateral mortgages, and all other instruments, agreements and documents, whether now or hearafter existing, executed in connection with the Loan.


Security Agreement. The words “Security Agreement” mean and include without limitation any agreements, promises, covenants, arrangements, understandings or other agreements, whether created by law, contract, or otherwise, evidencing, governing, representing, or creating a Security Interest.


Security Interest. The words “Security Interest” mean, without limitation, any and all types of collateral security, present and future, whether in the form of a lien, charge, encumbrance, mortgage, deed of trust, security deed, assignment pledge, crop pledge, chattel mortgage, collateral chattel mortgage, chattel trust, factor’s lien, equipment trust, conditional sale, trust receipt, lien or title retention contract, lease or consignment intended as a security device, or any other security or lien interest whatsoever whether created by law, contract or otherwise.









By.  /s/ Anthony Angeline     

President, Chief Executive Officer     

& Secretary of TSS, Inc.

By: /s/ John K. Penver

Chief Financial Officer of TSS, Inc.







By: /s/ Monica Fernandes, Senior Vice President