Amendment, dated February 17, 2022, to the Employment Agreement between Trinseo Europe GmbH and Andre Lanning dated October 1, 2021

Contract Categories: Human Resources - Employment Agreements
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Trinseo PLC

76 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay

Dublin 2

D02 FX51, Ireland

16 February 2022

Dear André,

We are pleased to confirm our offer for the position of Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer with Trinseo Europe GmbH based in Switzerland, with effect of 1 March 2022. A summary of the proposed target compensation follows:

Compensation Items


Annual Base Salary


Target Bonus % / Amount

60% / 288,000

Target Total Cash Compensation


Target LTI % / Amount

140%1 / 672,000

Target Total Direct Compensation


This position and title change along with corresponding adjustments in compensation and responsibilities is an amendment to the terms and conditions set forth in your Employment Contract dated 1 October 2021.  All other terms and conditions are deemed to be unchanged.

Please note that the Target Bonus is part of Trinseo’s Performance Award (PA) Plan and the Target LTI is part of the Long-Term Incentive Plan; both of which are provided by Trinseo PLC and are at the discretion of its Board of Directors.

Please return your acceptance at your earliest convenience and we wish you continued success in your new position.

Best regards,

/s/ Frank Bozich

Frank Bozich

President and Chief Executive Officer

Trinseo PLC

I have read this letter, understand it and agree to the terms set forth above:

Date: February 17, 2022

Signature:/s/ André Lanning

André Lanning

1 Effective for the February 2022 LTI grant.