Board Compensation Summary Sheet

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Exhibit 10.14

Summary Sheet as of December 5, 2019

On December 5, 2019, the Board of Directors approved the following compensation for non-employee directors, effective in 2020:

Board member annual retainer - $70,000
Annual equity compensation - $130,000, using a date of grant share price as the basis for awards, with a minimum vesting period of one year
Independent Chairman of the Board - annual retainer of $125,000, to be paid in cash and/or equity, as selected by the Chair
Chairs of the Audit Committee and Human Resources Committee - annual retainer of $20,000
Chairs of Corporate Governance and Risk Committee and Finance and Risk Committee  - annual retainer of $15,000
Board meeting fee - $2,000 for each meeting attended
Committee members - $2,000 for each meeting attended
Ad hoc or special assignment work performed for or at the request of the Chairman or Chief Executive Officer and President - $2,000 per day
Additional retainers for non-employee directors working on the search for a new Chief Executive Officer:
Chairman of the Board - $25,000
Other non-employee directors working on the search - $12,500