Summary of Board of Directors Compensation

Contract Categories: Human Resources - Compensation Agreements
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Exhibit 10.1
Board of Directors Compensation
(Effective April 27, 2022)
Cash Compensation 
Annual Board Retainer$70,000
Annual Board Committee Member Retainers: 
Audit Committee$15,000
Risk Committee$15,000
Compensation and Human Capital Committee$12,500
Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee$10,000
Annual Committee Chair Retainers:** 
Audit Committee$20,000
Risk Committee$20,000
Compensation and Human Capital Committee$17,500
Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee $15,000
Annual Lead Director Retainer$40,000

** Note: The committee chair will receive both an annual committee member retainer and an annual committee chair retainer.

Equity Compensation  
An award of $105,000 in restricted stock units, which becomes fully vested and transferable upon the earlier to occur of the (x) completion of three years of service and (y) date the holder reaches retirement age pursuant to the Company’s Corporate Governance Guidelines.
Director Stock Purchase Plan  
Annual maximum company cash contribution per director participant to company-sponsored open market stock purchase plan, with company’s contribution equal to 15% of director participant’s cash contribution, subject to annual maximum contribution limit by director of $20,000$3,000