Amendment Agreement, dated October 30, 2019, to the Management Board Member Service Contract, dated September 26, 2019, between Superior Industries Europe AG and Andreas Meyer

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Exhibit 10.3






Superior Industries Europe AG

Gustav-Krichhoff-Str. 10, 67098 Bad Dürkheim, Germany



Andreas Meyer

Hahnengasse 3

55232 Ensheim

Amendment Agreement to the

Management Board Member Service Contract

of Andreas Meyer dated September 26, 2019

The following Amendment Agreement to the Management Board Member Service Contract dated September 26, 2019 (hereinafter “MBMSC”) is agreed between

Superior Industries Europe AG, Gustav-Kirchhoff-Straße 10, 67098 Bad Dürkheim


Mr. Andreas Meyer, Hahnengasse 3, 55232 Ensheim

In accordance with the resolution of the supervisory board dated October 30, 2019 the agreed bonus payments pursuant to Article 5 para 2 (Renumeration) of the current MBMSC shall be supplemented with subparagraph (d) “sign-on bonus” as follows:

Sign-on bonus: The Board Member will also receive a 70,000 Euro sign-on bonus to help make up for the annual bonus and long-term incentive loss from his current company as a result of him leaving before year end. This bonus should be paid within the first 30 days of his employment. This sign-on bonus is not part of the base salary calculation but is considered taxable income. The Board Member understands that the signing bonus is forfeited if the Board Member fails to report to work“.

All other provisions of the MBMSC shall remain unaffected.



Southfield, Michigan October 30, 2019


Southfield, Michigan  October 30, 2019







/s/ Andreas Meyer


/s/ Majdi Abulaban

Andreas Meyer


Majdi Abulaban



Chairman of the Supervisory Board




















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