Loan Agreement, dated June 15, 2020, between the Company and Shuhua Liu

Contract Categories: Business Finance - Loan Agreements
EX-10.5 4 f10k2020ex10-5_summitnet.htm LOAN AGREEMENT WITH SHUHUA LIU

Exhibit 10.5


合约Loan Agreement




Date: 15th June 2020


通过电子邮寄签署(sign via email)




Party A: Shu Hua Liu


乙方Party B: Summit Networks Inc. (SNTW)




Party A and Party B agree as following regarding the capital lending.




Party A, Shu hua Liu, as shareholder of Party B, agrees to lend 105,000 in US dollar to party B as financial support for merging and acquiring projects.


并确认以下条款 And also confirm the following terms:


1, 资金用于借贷来入账。


The fund can be recorded as loan.


2, 不计算利息。


Interest is not requested.


3, 在乙方第一次融资后还款。


Party B shall repay after the first financing.


甲方 Party A: /s/Shu Hua Liu  
  Shu Hua Liu  


乙方Party B: Summit Networks, Inc.  
  /s/Shu Hua Liu  
  CEO: Shu Hua Liu  
  /s/Chao Long Huang  
  CFO: Chao Long Huang