Form of Addendum to Employment Agreement

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Exhibit 10.2


THIS ADDENDUM TO EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT (this “Addendum”) is dated as of March 27, 2020, by and between Ruth’s Hospitality Group, Inc. (the “Employer”), and [●] (the “[Executive]/[Employee]”), and is intended to modify the Terms of Employment/Letter of Understanding and Salary Continuation Agreement, dated as of [●], 20[●] (the “Employment Agreement”), by and between the Employer and the [Executive]/[Employee].  Any capitalized term not defined herein will have the meaning ascribed to such term in the Employment Agreement.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the business and operations of the Employer, the Employer and the [Executive]/[Employee] desire to amend the Employment Agreement, as set forth below.

1.The Employment Agreement shall be amended to add the following sentence to the end of Section 4(a):

Notwithstanding anything in the Agreement to the contrary, [Executive]/[Employee] hereby consents to the reduction of [Executive’s]/[Employee’s] annual base salary by an amount not to exceed [●]% of Employee’s existing annual base salary as a result of, or related to, Employer’s actions taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and agrees that any such reduction shall not violate the Agreement or constitute Good Reason for any purpose under the Agreement and shall not entitle [Executive]/[Employee] to any severance or other payment pursuant to the Agreement or otherwise.

Additionally, the [Executive]/[Employee] hereby acknowledges and agrees that Good Reason under the Employment Agreement has not occurred prior to or as a result of this Addendum.  Except as expressly hereby amended, the Employment Agreement will remain in full force and effect in accordance with the terms thereof.  To the extent a conflict arises between the terms of the Employment Agreement and this Addendum, the terms of this Addendum will prevail.



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