Schedule identifying agreements substantially identical to the form of Agreement filed as Exhibit 10.02 hereto

EX-10.02A 2 ex1002alistofsignatoriesto.htm LIST OF SIGNATORIES TO CAPITAL INCREASE AGREEMENT Document

Exhibit 10.02a

Share Percentage
Shanghai MTM Equity Investment Fund Partnership (L.P.)90,000,0004.70%
Qingdao MTM Venture Capital Partnership (L.P.)40,000,0002.09%
VeriSilicon Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd20,000,0001.04%
Hangzhou Canaan Creative Information Technology Limited20,000,0001.04%
Beijing E-town Changhou Display Chip Venture Capital Center (Limited Partnership)30,000,0001.57%
*Ting Xin Lan (Shanghai) Management Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership)10,891,0000.81%
*Xuan Xin Miao (Shanghai) Management Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership)27,301,0002.04%
*Yi Xin Ran (Shanghai) Management Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership)24,509,0001.83%
*Chunhe Hong Kong Limited17,062,1001.27%
* Employee "ESOP" Fund