Pay Change Letter, dated February 24, 2020, by and between KLDiscovery Inc. and Christopher Weiler

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Exhibit 10.1


February 24, 2020



Christopher Weiler



Dear Chris,


You have agreed to a base salary pay change, effective February 24, 2020.  The details of this pay change are outlined below.



Current annualized base salary:  $490,000

Calculated bi-weekly amount (annualized salary/26):  $18,846

New annualized base salary:  $400,000

New calculated bi-weekly amount (annualized salary/26):  $15,385

% of Pay Change:  18.37%



All other terms and conditions of your employment remain unchanged.


To confirm your acceptance of the pay change, please sign and return this letter.





/s/ Lindsey Hammond


Lindsey Hammond

Sr. Director, Global Talent




I accept the above change to my base salary and acknowledge that this change is now part of my employment agreement.


NameChristopher Weiler


Signature/s/ Christopher Weiler