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The following is a brief description of the common stock, $0.001 par value per share (the “Common Stock”), of PetMed Express, Inc., a Florida corporation (the “Company”), which is the only security of the Company registered pursuant to Section 12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”).


Description of Common Stock




The following descriptions of our Common Stock and of certain provisions of Florida law do not purport to be complete and are subject to and qualified in their entirety by reference to our amended and restated articles of incorporation, our amended and restated bylaws and the Florida Business Corporation Act, as amended (the “Florida Act”). The Company has authorized 40,000,000 shares of Common Stock of which as of May 28, 2019, 20,223,354 shares of Common Stock are issued and outstanding. All of our outstanding shares of Common Stock are fully paid and non-assessable. Our Common Stock is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol “PETS.”


Common Stock


Holders of the Common Stock have no pre-emptive, redemption, subscription or conversion rights. Each outstanding share of Common Stock is entitled to one vote on all matters submitted to a vote of the Company's shareholders. Subject to the dividend rights of the holders of any outstanding preferred stock, each share of Common Stock is entitled to participate equally with respect to dividends as may be declared by the board of directors out of funds legally available therefor. In the case of voluntary or involuntary liquidation, distribution or sale of assets, dissolution, or winding up of the Company, holders of our Common Stock are entitled to receive a pro rata share of the amount distributed after provisions for payment of all debts, other liabilities and any liquidation preferences of outstanding preferred stock. The Florida Act also may affect the terms of these securities.


Limitations on Rights of Holders of Common Stock – Preferred Stock


The rights of holders of Common Stock may be materially limited or qualified by the rights of holders of preferred stock that we may issue in the future. Set forth below is a description of the Company’s authority to issue preferred stock and the possible terms of that stock.


Our amended and restated articles of incorporation authorizes our board of directors, without further shareholder action, to provide for the issuance of up to 5,000,000 shares of preferred stock, with a par value of $.001 per share, in one or more series, and to fix the designations, preferences, conversion rights, cumulative, relative, participating, optional or other rights, including voting rights, qualifications, limitations or restrictions, redemption and liquidation preferences of each of these series. Of the preferred stock, 250,000 shares have been designated Convertible Preferred Stock of which as of May 28, 2019, 2,500 shares of Convertible Preferred Stock are issued and outstanding. We may amend from time to time our amended and restated articles of incorporation to increase the number of authorized shares of preferred stock. Any such amendment would require the approval of the holders of a majority of our shares of Common Stock entitled to vote.


Shareholder Action by Written Consent and Special Meeting


Our Bylaws provide for action by our shareholders without a meeting with the written consent of shareholders holding the number of shares necessary to approve such action if it were taken at a meeting at which all shares entitled to vote thereon were present. Our Bylaws also provide that shareholder action can be taken at an annual meeting of the shareholders or at a special meeting which may be called, for any purpose or purposes, by the board of directors or the person or persons authorized to do so by the board of directors and must be called by the Secretary if the holders of not less than twenty percent of all votes entitled to be cast on any issue proposed to be considered at such special meeting sign, date and deliver to the Secretary one or more written demands for a special meeting, describing the purpose or purposes for which it is to be held.


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Authorized but Unissued Shares 


Our authorized but unissued shares of Common Stock and preferred stock are available for future issuance without shareholder approval, subject to the requirements of applicable law or regulation, including any listing requirement of the principal stock exchange on which our Common Stock is then listed. These additional shares may be utilized for a variety of corporate purposes, including future public offerings to raise additional capital, corporate acquisitions and employee benefit plans. The existence of authorized but unissued shares of Common Stock and preferred stock could render more difficult or discourage an attempt to obtain control of a majority of our Common Stock by means of a proxy contest, tender offer, merger or otherwise.


Board Authority to Amend Bylaws


Under our amended and restated bylaws, our board of directors has the authority to adopt, amend or repeal the bylaws without the approval of our shareholders unless the Florida Act reserves the power to amend a particular bylaw provision exclusively to the shareholders.


Anti-Takeover Effects of Florida Law


We are subject to certain anti-takeover provisions that apply to public corporations under Florida law. Pursuant to Section ###-###-#### of the Florida Act, a publicly held Florida corporation may not engage in a broad range of business combinations or other extraordinary corporate transactions with an “interested shareholder” without the approval of the holders of two-thirds of the voting shares of such corporation (excluding shares held by the interested shareholder), unless:



the transaction is approved by a majority of disinterested directors before the shareholder becomes an interested shareholder;



the interested shareholder has owned at least 80% of the corporation’s outstanding voting shares for at least five years preceding the announcement date of any such business combination;



the interested shareholder is the beneficial owner of at least 90% of the outstanding voting shares of the corporation, exclusive of shares acquired directly from the corporation in a transaction not approved by a majority of the disinterested directors; or



the consideration paid to the holders of the corporation’s voting stock is at least equal to certain fair price criteria.


An “interested shareholder” is defined as a person who together with affiliates and associates beneficially owns more than 10% of a corporation’s outstanding voting shares. We have not made an election in our amended and restated articles of incorporation to opt out of Section ###-###-####.


In addition, we are subject to Section ###-###-#### of the Florida Act which prohibits the voting of shares in a publicly held Florida corporation that are acquired in a “control share acquisition” unless (i) our board of directors approved such acquisition prior to its consummation or (ii) after such acquisition, in lieu of prior approval by our board of directors, the holders of a majority of the corporation’s voting shares, exclusive of shares owned by officers of the corporation, employee directors or the acquiring party, approve the granting of voting rights as to the shares acquired in the control share acquisition. A “control share acquisition” is defined as an acquisition that immediately thereafter entitles the acquiring party to 20% or more of the total voting power in an election of directors.


These statutory provisions may prevent takeover attempts that might result in a premium over the market price for shares of our common stock.


Transfer Agent and Registrar


The transfer agent and registrar for the Company's common stock is Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company.


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