First Amendment to Employment Agreement, dated May 15, 2019, between Pacific Mercantile Bank and Maxwell G. Sinclair

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FIRSTAMENDMENT TO EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT THIS FIRST AMENDMENT TO EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT ("Amendment Agreement") is made and entered into as of May 15, 2019, by and between PACIFIC "Bank"), MERCANTILE BANK, a Califomia banking corporation(the and MAXWELL G. "Parties"). SINCLAIR, anindividual ("Executive")(collectivelythe RECITALS WHEREAS, the Partiesenteredinto an EmploymentAgreementon May 27, 2016 (the "Agreement"). WHEREAS,Paragraph25 oftheAgreementpermitsmodificationofits termsso long as suchmodificationis in writing andsignedby bothParties. WHEREAS,the Partiesdesireto amendtheAgreementto extendthetermthereof. NOW, THEREFORE,in exchangefor the mutual promisesand othergoodandvaluable consideration,the receiptand sufficiencyof which is herebyacknowledged,the Partiesagreeas follows: AMENDMENTS 1. Paragraph1. Term. Paragraph1 of the Agreementdefinesthe Initial Term of the Agreementas a period ofthree (3) yearscommencingas ofMay 18, 2016 subjectto the terminationprovisionsof Section4 ofthe Agreement. The Parties herebyagreeto extendtheInitial TermoftheAgreementfor anadditionalthree(3) year period, effective as of May 18, 2019. All other tennsand conditions of Paragraph1 oftheAgreementremainin full forceandeffect. All othertemisoftheAgreementshallremainin full force andeffect. IN WITNESSWHEREOF,thepartiesheretohaveexecutedthis Agreementasofthedate indicatedbelow. PACIFIC MERCANTILE BANK .^~-——"""^ ^-3 . MigliaefHoopis Maxwell G. Sinclair Chair,HumanResources& CompensationCommittee Date ^> ll^l^ Date ^^>[^6-iq FPDOCS34860094.1

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