Amendment to License Agreement dated April 27, 2006 by and between the Registrant and Medical College of Georgia Research Institute, Inc

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Exhibit 10.1.1


Inasmuch as NewLink Genetics Corporation of Ames, Iowa, and the Medical College of Georgia Research Institute of Augusta Georgia, have a valid and existing License Agreement related to the use of Indoleamine-2,3-Dioxygenase and its inhibitors in Immuno-regulation (MCG case # 007-98, 011-98, 011-02, 003-03, 009-03) dated September 13, 2005;
Inasmuch as the parties agree that the License Agreement contains a provision (Section 4.1) for the acquisition of new, related Improvement Technologies by NewLink arising at MCGRI after the Agreement was
Inasmuch as the NewLink has reviewed a new Improvement Technology (MCG case # 032-05: IDO Role in Generation of Regulatory T-cells and Immunological Tolerance, by A. Mellor, D. Munn, B. Blazar, and W. Chen; jointly owned with the University of Minnesota), and wishes to exercise its option to incorporate this technology into the existing License Agreement technology portfolio under its standard royalty terms and use conditions,
It is Agreed:
That the parties amend the License Agreement relative to its Exhibit A , such that MCG case # 032-05 is to be included in the technology portfolio for development and commercialization by NewLink, effective the date that the License Fee of $20,000 is received at MCGRI.

This present amendment shall hereby be considered part of the original License Agreement and is hereto agreed by representatives of both parties signing below.


By /s/Betty Aldridge
Name: Betty Aldridge
Title: Executive Director
Date: 4/27/06
By: /s/Nicholas N. Vahanian
Name: Nicholas N. Vahanian
Title: Chief Medical and Operations Office
Date: 4/21/06