Offer Letter between AST & Science, LLC and Abel Avellan

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Exhibit 10.12



July 18th, 2018


Abel Avellan


Dear Abel:


You have been performing the duties of your position since June of 2017, and we are pleased to formalize in writing your position as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer for AST & Science, LLC (“AST” or “the Company”).


Your compensation package will consist of the following:


Cash Compensation – your annual gross salary will be $23,660 and you will begin to receive this cash compensation beginning on July 27th, 2018.


Other benefits – you will be eligible to participate in AST health and benefits plans.


We are very excited that you arguing to continue helping us execute the vision for AST's future prospects.


  AST & Science LLC
    /s/ Tom Severson
  By: Tom Severson
  Its: Chief Financial Officer & Operating Officer


The forgoing terms and conditions are hereby accepted as of July 18, 2018


Signed: /s/ Abel Avellan  
  Abel Avellan