Sublease Addendum #2 to the Lease between Cyren Ltd. and MoSys, Inc., dated September 30, 2020, by and between MoSys, Inc., and Cyren Ltd

Contract Categories: Real Estate - Lease Agreements
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Exhibit 10.21


Dated: September 17, 2020

By and Between



Cyren Ltd.



MoSys, Inc.

Property Address:

2309 Bering Drive, San Jose, CA 95131
(street address, city, state, zip)

Paragraph: 14

In the event of any conflict between the provisions of this Addendum and the printed provisions of the Sublease, this Addendum shall control.



Sublessor hereby grants to Sublessee the option to extend the term of this Sublease for One (1) additional Twenty and one half (20 ½) month period(s) commencing November 1, 2020 through July 14, 2022 upon each and all of the following terms and conditions:



In order to exercise an option to extend, Sublessee must execute this Addendum by September 30, 2020.  



Except for the provisions of this Sublease granting an option or options to extend the term, all of the terms and conditions of this Sublease except where specifically modified by this option shall apply.



This Option is personal to the original Sublessee, and cannot be assigned or exercised by anyone other than said original Sublessee and only while the original Sublessee is in full possession of the Premises and without the intention of thereafter assigning or subletting.



The monthly rent for each month of the option period shall be calculated as follows, using the method(s) indicated below:

III.  Fixed Rental Adjustment(s) (FRA)

The Base Rent shall be increased to the following amounts on the dates set forth below:

MonthsMonthly Base Rent

November 1, 2020 – July 31, 2021$16,867.00

August 1, 2021 – July 14, 2022       $17,373.00



Beginning November 1, 2020 the Sublessee’s Share of Operating Expenses (NNN charge) shall be $5,667.00.  Sublessor may pass on any increases to the Sublessee’s Share of Operating Expenses to Sublessee if, and when, adjusted by Master Lessor.

Executed At: McLean, VA

Executed At: San Jose, CA

On: September 25, 2020

On: September 25, 2020

By Sublessor:

By Sublessee:

Cyren Ltd.

MoSys. Inc.

By: /s/ J. Michael Myshrall

By: /s/ James W. Sullivan

Name Printed: J. Michael Myshrall

Name Printed: James Sullivan

Title: CFO

Title: CFO





Email: ***@***

Email: ***@***

Federal ID No.: 94 ###-###-####

Federal ID No.: 77-0291941


Consent to the above Addendum is hereby given.

Executed At: Redwood City, CA

Executed At:

Executed On: September 28, 2020

Executed On:

By Master Lessor:

By Guarantor:
Dollinger-Zanker Associates


/s/ David DollingerBy:

Name Printed:  David Dollinger

Name Printed:

Title: General Partner





Email: ***@***

Address:  555 Twin Dolphin Drive #600, Redwood City, CA  94065

Federal ID No.: