Schedule of Non-Employee Directors Annual Compensation effective as of June 22, 2021

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Schedule of Non-Employee Directors’ Annual Compensation

Effective June 22, 2021

Annual compensation for Board service
Non-employee directors
Non-executive Chairman of the Board
$ --
$ --
Lead Independent Director
Additional compensation for committee service
Risk Subcommittee
**Compensation for the Risk Subcommittee is effective as of July 1, 2021.

Cash compensation is paid in advance in January for the first half of the year and in arrears in December for the second half of the year. The annual retainer and any committee retainer fees are prorated for partial year Board or committee service. Under the Mastercard Incorporated Deferral Plan, US non-employee directors are eligible to defer all or part of their cash compensation into a non-qualified deferred compensation arrangement. Directors who elect to defer cash compensation receive earnings on their deferrals based on investment elections. None of the investment options provides returns considered to be above-market or preferential.

Annual stock grants are awarded upon a director's election on the date of the annual meeting of stockholders, are immediately vested with a four-year transfer restriction, and are in the form of restricted stock or deferred stock units. Each director selects the form of his or her award during an annual election process. Directors elected to the board outside of the annual meeting of stockholders are granted a prorated equity award.

Non-employee directors are eligible to have Mastercard make matching gift contributions of up to $15,000 annually to eligible charities in the name of the director. In addition, non-employee directors are eligible to have Mastercard make contributions up to $5,000 to a charity of their choice to match director contributions to Mastercard’s Political Action Committee. Directors are reimbursed for expenses related to attending Board and committee meetings.