Marten Transport, Ltd. 2011 Non-Employee Director Compensation Summary

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Exhibit 10.19
Marten Transport, Ltd.
2011 Non-Employee Director Compensation Summary
The Board of Directors of Marten Transport, Ltd. approved the following fee schedule for non-employee directors for fiscal year 2011:
Annual Board retainer
  $ 22,500  
Lead Director
Audit Committee chair
Compensation Committee chair
Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee chair

The company generally pays non-employee directors a fee of $1,000 for each Board meeting attended, $750 for each committee meeting attended, and reimburses them for out-of-pocket expenses of attending meetings.
Pursuant to the non-employee director option program adopted on March 1, 2006, which is similar to the program that was suspended in 2004, each non-employee director will also receive an automatic grant of an option to purchase 2,500 shares of common stock annually upon re-election to the Board by the stockholders.  These options will be issued at a per share exercise price equal to the fair market value of one share of common stock on the grant date and expire ten years from the grant date.