Non-Employee Director Compensation Program

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Exhibit 10.15

Non-employee Director Compensation

Adopted November 17, 2017

Modified November 14, 2018




Annual Cash Retainer

$50,000 (cash)


In lieu of cash, a director can elect to receive a RSU valued at $50,000 on the basis of the 20-day trailing average closing price as of the trading day immediately preceding the date of the annual meeting


Annual Equity Grant

Intended equity value: $150,000


(The number of shares for this equity award will be determined using the then-current guideline price for employee equity awards.)


Equity Vehicles

100% RSU


(RSUs vest immediately, but shares will not be distributed until the director leaves the board.)


Initial Equity Grant



Independent Chairman Premium

$32,500 (cash)


Committee Member Compensation

Audit: $10,000


Compensation: $7,500


Nominating/Governance: $5,000




Committee Chair Premiums

Audit: $15,000


Comp: $12,500


Nominating/Governance: $5,000