Schedule of directors and executive officers who are parties to Indemnification Agreements with Itron, Inc. (filed with this report)

EX-10.4 3 itriex-10412312018.htm EXHIBIT 10.4 INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENTS Exhibit
Exhibit 10.4

Robert M. Burks, Jr.
Michel C. Cadieux
Thomas L. Deitrich
Deloris R. Duquette
Robert H.A. Farrow
Thomas S. Glanville
Sarah E. Hlavinka
Joan S. Hooper
Frank M. Jaehnert
Jerome J. Lande
Timothy M. Leyden
Charles E. McAtee
Philip C. Mezey
Sharelynn F. Moore
Daniel S. Pelino
Simon W. Pontin
Carl W. Porter
Gary E. Pruitt
Diana D. Tremblay
Lynda L. Ziegler