Amendment to Lease Agreement [English Language Translation]

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Exhibit 10.22


Date: March 15, 2021


Amended Consideration in the Service Agreement of February 2020


Re: Amended Consideration in the Service Agreement between VAXA

Technologies Ltd., Private Company No. 515564896 (previously Algaennovation

Ltd.) and IR-Med Ltd. 514824952


The Consideration Section (Section 3.1) in the Service Agreement signed in February 2020 between VAXA Technologies Ltd. (previously Algaennovation Ltd.), Private Company No. 515564896, and IR-Med Ltd. 514824952., is amended, and will, as of 2021, amount to NIS 11,700 instead of NIS 5,000. This is the only change made to the Agreement.






VAXA Technologies Ltd.

Private Company No. 514824952   Private Company No. 515564896
[Stamp]   [Stamp]
/s/  Limor Davidson Mund   /s/ Oded Bashan
[Signature]   [Signature]
IR-Med LTd.   VAXA Technologies Ltd.