Power of Attorney of Li Zanyu, dated December 15, 2021

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Exhibit 10.6


=tftx . ft - =t=S Power of Attorney BM : 202 1 i f 1 2 J= J 1 5 E3 Date : 15/12/2021 *A, * *• i:f:ili0 . ffi - iiE :ti t - 1 442000199002165453, tE*=tftil. :!! z. E3 J}lFfff :k - ff.:f 03R:IJII) 1 † . J4ttff 0 i † 'J C":k - ff.:f") 99%1¥J JN:tx. o m f t* t Jdffi at li:J iB! tE:k - ff.:f M'= ff l¥J JR tx. C"* AJN: tx. "), *A%: lit ey ffl: ffi “ ii! :ff til.li:J ft:kffArr C :IJII) f4ttff 0i † 'J C"WFOE") tE*=tftil. ft - =f=Sl¥Jff M **Afr tx. b - : I, LI Zanyu, a citizen of the People's Republic of China ("China" or the "PRC") whose Identification Card No . is 442000199002165453 , and a holder of 99 % of the registered capital of Daheshou (Shenzhen) Information Technology Co . , Ltd . ("Daheshou") as of the date of this Power of Attorney, hereby irrevocably authorize and entrust Dayourenzai (Shenzhen) Technology Co . , Ltd . (the "WFOE") to exercise the following rights and handle the following matters on my behalf relating to all equity interests held by me now and in the future in Daheshou ("My Shareholding"), during the term of this Power of Attorney: ;ff;& WFOE 1'F:1'J*Alll - 1¥J,t4Hml¥J+tJJ.A, mtff *AJN:t£1¥Jt£*Lllo• . ; & **Af r ff i 1¥J; & JJ . - : l)E • :k - ff.:fl¥JJN:* : 2)ff i:f:i00 - :k - ff.:f• - 1¥J*AM*tr1¥J W JN:*t £ JN:* * t£ : 3 ) JJ . *A JN : t £ C W f f W - $ ) 1¥ J , f t i l , I . ffi **A •Mtr l¥JJN:t£ftil #, M I* AJN:t£1¥ J # bJJ.Mf f .: f : 4 ) *Al¥ J . ** A :k - ff.:fl¥JJN: * frm•1¥J ffi •ffw fil*:5) **Am , *,m , ff• :k - ff.:fl¥J *A,m$ , $, A JJ., M A M - • JJ.Aff!!: 6 ) 1ttt'f:l d 0i † 'J.li o * WOF E O O . *A5tt£:tt H , •M,ftil,W , MffW - , *AJN:t£o The WFOE is hereby authorized, as my sole and exclusive agent and attorney, to act on behalf of myself with respect to all rights and matters concerning My Shareholding, including without limitation to : 1 ) convening and attending shareholders' meetings of Daheshou ; 2 ) exercising all of the shareholder's rights and shareholder's voting rights that I am entitled to under the laws of China and the articles of association of Daheshou ; 3 ) handling the sale, transfer, pledge or disposition of My Shareholding (in part or in whole), including without limitation executing all necessary equity transfer documents and other documents for disposal of My Shareholding and fulfilling all necessary procedures ; 4 ) representing myself in executing any resolutions and minutes as a shareholder (and the executive director) of Daheshou on my behalf ; 5 ) nominating, electing, designating, appointing or removing on behalf of myself the legal representative, directors, supervisors, general managers, chief executive officer and other senior management members of Daheshou ; and 6 ) approving the amendments to the company's articles of association . Without written consent by WFOE, I have no right to increase, decrease, transfer, pledge, or by any other manne r t o dispose or chang e M y Shareholding . I 1t Jt f4 Strictly Confidential


ttxt - f - 2021 12 15 El WFOE, j( - €f - =f - l0 C † ;Z) *.Az..fEiJ - s<J !k*W;l ,a m * *1r .wroEffl **.A • iSza<Jff1iiJ1 1E#J - i5C llft :>e1tf:, ftiT, to C † ;Z) 11. c&tom: . &f!J :>e1tf: s< J *. A •s<Jffi :>e# C M r *W; J #J - ffi ti' a s< J $tiJ: " itw:. i - " mH m • s< J " $t iJ : 1f IE J " ) , * 32 Ƒ A A R I f f 1 W ttJ - i,5 ( l Ƒ )( # s< J * o s<Jf f ff l x;j" * ff i s<J % { f o Without limiting the generality of the powers granted hereunder, the WFOE shall have the power and authority to, on behalf of myself, execute all and any supplementary agreements, ancillary documents, modifications, and/or amended and restated versions in relation to the Exclusive Option Agreement, Equity Interest Pledge Agreement and Exclusive Business Cooperation Agreement dated 15 / 12 / 2021 , by and among WFOE, Daheshou and/or myself, and any documents and agreements I shall sign as required in the aforesaid agreements (including without limitation the "Transfer Contract" for the transfer of the "Optioned Interests" as described under the Exclusive Option Agreement), and perform the obligations under the aforesaid documents and agreements . * . A s< J f f , - s< J - W :> e # * A - W F o o a* . A H s< J - W ff o *Axt - f - WFOE m t *A H * s< J f f t Ƒ - s< J :> e 1 tf : - = ffe1:Ao All the actions associated with My Shareholding conducted by the WFOE shall be deemed as my own actions, and all the documents related to My Shareholding executed by the WFOE shall be deemed to be executed by me . I hereby acknowledge and ratify the actions taken by the WFOE and the documents executed b y the WFOE i n relatio n to M y Shareholding . *AaJJt!EJ.,WFOO ffl a* ffi s<J - † ;Z$ ffi - ff l † ff M ff i A † ;Z . f f W - ffl*.As<JIEJ• o - 00 • *,WFoo@ m 1rms< J oo * * ff i s<J • f f * ft s< J lL l o I hereby agree that the WFOE has the right to re - authorize or assign one or multiple matters and its rights related to such matters under this Power of Attorney to any other person or entity at its own discretion and without obtaining my prior consent . If required by PRC laws, the WFOE shall designate a qualified PRC citizen to handle such matters and exercise such rights as set forth in this Power of Attorney . * :ff i † •z..E l o † t t - zE l ,a* A :k - €f - ¥ s<JH*AA , * ffi eyfflffi*M o This Power of Attorney takes effect as of the date hereof. During the period that I am a shareholder of Daheshou, this Power of Attorney shall be irrevocable and continuously effective and valid from the date of execution of this Power of Attorney. * ff i AAfaJ , * A Jltt i Jr:B t imii * ; & n ; & WFO E s<J *.AH;t t s<Jff i ; & . W † fff f •t £ o During the term of this Power of Attorney, I hereby waive all the rights associated with My Shareholding, which have been authorized to the WFOE through this Power of Attorney, and shall not exercise such rights by myself. 2 *Jtitj: Strictly Confidential


3 & , l;J , q: i J C :.$ : 7' J <1L This Power of Attorney is written in Chinese and English . In case of any conflicts between the Chinese version and the English Version, the Chinese version shall prevail . 3 ffi'Jt ftj: Strictly Confidential


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