March 4, 2019 salary adjustment letter to Eric Hsu

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Exhibit 10.4.3



InMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Suite #340- 200 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4








4 March 2019



Dear Eric Hsu,


On behalf of InMed’s Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce your promotion to Senior Vice President, Pre-Clinical R&D. Additionally, in recognition of your agreement to increase your work commitment to InMed to full time (100%), I am pleased to make the following changes to your compensation:


Base Salary - will increase to $290,000 effective March 1, 2019; and


Options - subject to approval by the Board of Directors, you will be issued an additional 255,000 options to purchase common shares in the Company as per the Company’s standard options policies, priced on or around the date of this letter.


On behalf of the entire Management Team and Board of Directors, thank you for your contributions to the Company’s success and we look forward to achieving more, together.

/s/ Eric A. Adams

Eric A. Adams President and CEO

InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.