Amendment to Business Loan Agreement dated June 14, 2019

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FIRST AMENDMENT TO BUSINESS LOAN AGREEMENT DATED JUNE 14,2019 Principal I Loan Date I Maturity I Loan No Call/ Coli Account !Officer I Initials $30,000,000.00 06-16-2020 55120-0201 I 9AOO/ AA I 00000160370 00229 References in the boxes above are for Lender's use only and do not limit the applicability of this document to any particular loan or item. Any item above containing "***" has been omitted due to text length limitations. Borrower: Heartland Financial USA, Inc. Lender: Bankers Trust Company 1398 Central Avenue 453 7th Street Dubuque, lA 52001-5021 P.O. Box 897 Des Moines, lA 50304-0897 ###-###-#### This First Amendment to Business Loan Agreement by this reference is made a part of the Business Loan Agreement dated June 14, 2019, and is executed in connection with a loan or other financial accommodations between Heartland Financial USA, Inc. ("Borrower") and Bankers Trust Company ("Lender") on the following terms and conditions. Borrower and Lender acknowledge the following change(s): PAGE4 NEGATIVE COVENANTS Additional Financial Restrictions. Loans, Acquisitions and Guaranties- deleted In its entirety and replaced with: Loans, Acquisitions and Guaranties. Borrower shall not pay or redeem any principal amount owing under the Subordinated Debt, Common Stock, Preferred Stock, Depository Shares, Warrants, Rights or Units if the Loan(s) are in default, or if said payment will result in an event of default, without Lender's prior consent. All other requirements within this section to remain the same. READ BEFORE SIGNING. THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT SHOULD BE READ CAREFULLY BECAUSE ONLY THOSE TERMS IN WRITING ARE ENFORCEABLE. NO OTHER TERMS OR ORAL PROMISES NOT CONTAINED IN THIS WRITTEN AGREEMENT MAY BE LEGALLY ENFORCED. THE PARTIES MAY CHANGE THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT ONLY BY ANOTHER WRITTEN AGREEMENT BORROWER ACKNOWLEDGES HAVING READ ALL THE PROVISIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND AGREES TO ITS TEI~MS. BORROWER ACKNOWLEDGES RECEIPT OF AN EXECUTED COPY OF THIS AGREEMENT. THIS FIRST AMENDMENT TO BUSINESS LOAN AGREEMENT DATED JUNE 14, 2019 IS EXECUTED JUNE 16, 2020 .. BORROWER: ) lasetPto, Ve r. Copr. Finaslta USA Corpotation 1997, 2020. Alf Rl!)tiU RUetVId. ·lA 0 :\CFl\lPL\GI!O. FC TR-531 00 PA-330