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A description of the current salary and bonus arrangements for the Registrants executive officers for 2022 is attached as Exhibit 10.7

EX-10.7 2 gsbc-20211231xex10d7.htm EXHIBIT 10.7

Exhibit 10.7

Current Named Executive Officer Salary and Bonus Arrangements for 2022

Base Salaries

The base salaries for 2022 for the following executive officers of Great Southern Bancorp, Inc. (the”Company”) and Great Southern Bank (the “Bank”) currently are as follows:

Name and Title

Base Salary

William V. Turner


Chairman of the Board of

the Company and the Bank

Joseph W. Turner


President and Chief

Executive Officer of the

Company and the Bank

Rex A. Copeland


Treasurer of the Company

and Senior Vice President and

Chief Financial Officer of the Bank

Kevin L. Baker


Vice President and Chief

Credit Officer of the Bank

John M. Bugh


Vice President and Chief

Lending Officer of the Bank

Mark Maples


Vice President and Chief Operations

Officer of the Bank

Description of Bonus Arrangements

Pursuant to his employment agreement with the Company, Mr. Joseph W. Turner is entitled to an annual cash bonus equal to one percent of the Company's fiscal year pre-tax earnings.  Mr. William V. Turner is not entitled to an annual cash bonus pursuant to his employment agreement. For certain executive officers whose bonus arrangements are not governed by contract, the Company has maintained an incentive bonus arrangement under which the officers may earn a cash bonus of up to 17.85% of the officer's annual base salary, with up to 9.35% based on the extent to which the Company achieves targeted earnings per share results and up to 8.50% based on the officer's individual performance.