Appendix A to the First United Corporation Short-Term Incentive Plan

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Exhibit 10.1


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Appendix A


Short-Term Incentive Plan

2022 Plan Year Targets and Goals


Incentive Targets


The incentive targets for the 2022 Plan year are set forth in the following table:


2022 Short-Term Incentive Opportunities

(% of Base Salary)

Tier Below


(50% of Target)




(150% of Target)

CEO 0% 15% 30% 45%
Tier I 0% 12.5% 25% 37.5%


Tier I includes the following executives: Chief Financial Officer (CFO); Chief Operating Officer (COO); Chief Revenue Officer (CRO); and Chief Wealth Officer (STO).


Performance Goals


For Plan year 2022, the performance goals are return on average assets (ROAA), efficiency ratio, delinquencies as a percentage of total loans, and individual performance based upon the metric indicated for each position in the following table. The following table shows the performance goals at threshold, budget and maximum for Plan year 2022:


Wt. 2022 Performance Metrics


(90% of target




(110% of target

ROAA 40% [ ]% [_]% [_]%
Efficiency Ratio (non-GAAP) 20% [_]% [_]% [_]%
Average Delinquencies as % of total loans 20% [_]% [_]% [_]%
Individual Performance 20%      
CEO – Corporate Net Income (millions)   $[_] $[_] $[_]
CFO – Corporate Net Interest Margin   [_]% [_]% [_]%
COO – Corporate Operating Leverage   [_]% [_]% [_]%
CRO – Corporate Operating Leverage   [_]% [_]% [_]%
STO – Wealth Efficiency Ratio   [_]% [_]% [_]%


Minimum Performance Trigger


For Plan year 2022, the Corporation’s net income must be at least 50% of goal for that year, which is $[_], or the Plan will not pay out any awards, regardless of the performance with respect to the award metrics.



1 Performance goals are net of incentive payouts; only way to get threshold award is if incentive awards are included. Threshold has a floor of the prior year’s actual result.