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EX-10.11 13 y08819s1exv10w11.txt EX-10.11: EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 10.11 DRESSER-RAND DRESSER-RAND S.A. 31, Bld Winston Churchill 76080 Le Havre cedex 7013 France Telephone Telex 190004 Fax Mr. Jean-Francois Chevrier Impasse des Silex Tailles 78270 BONNIERES Le Havre, July 25, 1990 Sir, We hereby confirm our proposal for an employment contract of unlimited duration under the terms specified in the following. Hiring date: THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1, 1990 or earlier, date to be confirmed by you. Position: Manager in charge of the Le Havre operation You will report directly to the Chairman-CEO of DRESSER-RAND S.A. Hierarchical index: Manager - Position III C - 240 Place of work: Le Havre operation Your salary will be FF 480,000 per year, payable in 12 monthly installments. The minimal wages guaranteed by the National Collective Bargaining Agreement of the Engineers and Managers in the Metal Industry ("Convention Collective Nationale des Ingenieurs et Cadres de la Metallurgie") amount to FF 299,702 per year (corresponding to a monthly work schedule of 166.83 hours). Given the role assigned to you, your presence cannot be determined in a rigid manner and will relate to the needs of your job. Your salary takes these time constraints into account. Your salary will be reviewed after three months from the beginning of your contract and should be increased to FF 500,000 per year. Supposing that you start your employment on November 1, 1990, your new base salary will be effective on February 1, 1991. Starting October 1, 1990 (i.e., the first day of our fiscal year 1991) you will be eligible to participate in DRESSER-RAND's bonus plan, which is based on the Company's financial results. If all the goals are reached, this plan provides for a bonus of 15% of your yearly base salary. The maximum bonus attributable under this plan is 20% of the yearly base salary. Since you did not take part to the elaboration of the 1991 operational plan, you will receive a bonus of no less than 10% of your base salary for the fiscal year 1991. You will be entitled to a company car in conformity with the procedure attached hereto. Page 2 - Contract of Mr. Chevrier Your employment contract will be subject to the rules of the National Bargaining Agreement of the Engineers and Managers in the Metal Industry as well as the internal regulations of the company. A trial period of three months will start on the date when you take office and can possibly be extended for the same duration. The validity of this contract is subject to the results of your medical examination, to be made on the first day when you take office, being positive. We acknowledge that the studies of your daughter make your relocation in the region of Le Havre impossible before the end of the school year 1990/1991, i.e. in June 1991. At this time, the Company will help you with the relocation in accordance with the procedure attached hereto. In addition, the Company will help you pay the rental costs incurred in connection with your temporary installation in an apartment near Le Havre until you relocate and rent/buy a new residence. Such help will be granted until July 31, 1991 at the latest. The details will need to be discussed with J.C. MATTON, the Financial Manager for Europe, who is based in our plant in Le Havre. Please declare your agreement with the above by returning a copy of this letter with the handwritten mention "read and approved" followed by the date and your signature. Yours truly, R.E. TRON JAMES F. CAMPBELL CHAIRMAN-CEO MANAGER, HUMAN RESOURCES-EUROPE DRESSER-RAND S.A. P.J. (7) (GSC LOGO) Regime GSC Social Guaranty for the Business Managers COMPANY DRESSER RAND SA M. LANGREE DIDIER 31 BLD WINSTON CHURCHILL 76600 LE HAVRE CERTIFICATE OF AFFILIATION Reference No. (to be used in any communications) 200029 /56206026900023 The above-mentioned company has been affiliated to the Regime of Social Guaranty for the Business Managers commencing March 1, 1998 in favor of:
Base regime Complementary regime ----------------------------- ----------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Suppl. Suppl AFFILIATED Effective Date Class Duration Effective Class Duration (months) Date (months) ----------------------------- --------------- -------- ---------- -------------- -------- ---------- JEAN FRANCOIS CHEVRIER 01/01/2003 6 6 01/01/2003 H 6 first affiliation 03/01/1998 03/01/1998 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cancels and replaces the preceding certificate made as of August 24, 1998 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Made in Paris on June 18, 2003 For the insurers of the REGIME GSC GROUPAMA-CCAMA [Signature]