Sublease Agreement by and between Cytta Corp and Michael Collins dated October 25, 2020

Contract Categories: Real Estate - Lease Agreements
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Property Sublease Cytta/Collins


Effective Date








Michael Collins (“Sublessor”) located at 8056 Redlands St. #2 Playa Del Rey, CA. 90293






Cytta Corp. (“Sublessee”) a Nevada Corporation located at 5450 W Sahara Ave., Suite 300, Las Vegas NV, 89146




Sublessor is executing a Master Lease for premises for certain property to be leased to the Sublessor as the lessee. Given the government and other security requirements of both sublessor and sublessee the address of the premises is intentionally left out of this agreement.


Now, the lessee as Sublessor wishes to provide Cytta Corp. a sublease which permits Cytta Corp to utilize part of the facilities as lab and testing facility, office, video studio, demonstration facility and storage location subject to the direction of the sublessor. In consideration for the mutual promises, covenants, and agreements made below, the parties, intending to be legally bound, agree as follows:


1. Term & Rent


The Sublessor leases to the Sublessee, and the Sublessee leases from the Sublessor, the Premises commencing 10/26/2020, and terminating on 10/26/2021. The sublease agrees to pay the sublessor the sum of $50,000.00 in advance for the annual lease payment.


2. Uses


The Sublessee shall use and occupy the portion of the premises described above.


Understood, Agreed & Accepted


We have carefully reviewed this contract and agree to and accept its terms and conditions. We are executing this Agreement as of the Effective Date first written above.



Accepted and Agreed


/s/ Gary Campbell     /s/ Michael Collins  
Gary Campbell CEO     Michael Collins CTO  
Cytta Corp.     Cytta Corp.