Description of Common Shares

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The Company is authorized to issue an unlimited number of Common Shares, without par value, of which 111,962,845 are issued and outstanding as at the date of this Annual Report.


Holders of Common Shares are entitled to receive notice of and to attend any meetings of shareholders of the Company and at any meetings of shareholders to cast one vote for each Common Share held. Holders of Common Shares do not have cumulative voting rights with respect to the election of directors and accordingly, holders of a majority of the Common Shares entitled to vote in any election of directors may elect all directors standing for election. Holders of Common Shares are entitled to receive dividends as and when declared by the board of directors of the Company at its discretion from fund legally available therefor and to receive a pro rata share of the assets of the Company available for distribution to the shareholders in the event of the liquidation, dissolution or winding-up of the Company after payment of debts and other liabilities, in each case subject to the rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions attached to any other series or class of shares ranking senior in priority to or on a pro-rata basis with the holders of Common Shares with respect to dividends or liquidation. There are no pre-emptive, subscription, conversion or redemption rights attached to the Common Shares nor do they contain any sinking or purchase fund provisions.