First Amendment dated October 29, 2020 to Credit Agreement dated August 28, 2020 between Communications Systems, Inc. and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association

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THIS AMENDMENT TO CREDIT AGREEMENT (this “Amendment”) dated October   29  , 2020, is entered into by and between COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS, INC., a Minnesota corporation (“Borrower”), and WELLS FARGO BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION (“Bank”).




WHEREAS, Borrower is currently indebted to Bank pursuant to the terms and conditions of that certain Credit Agreement between Borrower and Bank dated August 28, 2020, as amended from time to time (“Credit Agreement”).


WHEREAS, Bank and Borrower have agreed to certain changes in the terms and conditions set forth in the Credit Agreement and have agreed to amend the Credit Agreement to reflect said changes.


NOW, THEREFORE, for valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties hereto agree that the Credit Agreement shall be amended as follows:


1.            Section 1.1(d) is hereby amended by deleting “$500,000” as the limitation on the aggregate undrawn amount of all outstanding Subfeature Letters of Credit, and by substituting for said amount “$2,000,000.”


2.            The effective date of this Amendment shall be the date that all of the following conditions set forth in this Section have been satisfied, as determined by Bank and evidenced by Bank’s system of record. Notwithstanding the occurrence of the effective date of this Amendment, Bank shall not be obligated to extend credit under this Amendment or any other Loan Document until all conditions to each extension of credit set forth in the Credit Agreement have been fulfilled to Bank’s satisfaction.


(a)          Approval of Bank Counsel. All legal matters incidental to the effectiveness of this Amendment shall be satisfactory to Bank’s counsel.


(b)          Documentation. Bank shall have received, in form and substance satisfactory to Bank, each of the following, duly executed by all parties:


(i)              This Amendment and each promissory note or other instrument or document required hereby.


(ii)             Such other documents as Bank may require under any other Section of this Amendment.


(c)          Regulatory and Compliance Requirements. All regulatory and compliance requirements, standards and processes shall be completed to the satisfaction of Bank.


3.            Except as specifically provided herein, all terms and conditions of the Credit Agreement remain in full force and effect, without waiver or modification. All terms defined in the Credit Agreement shall have the same meaning when used in this Amendment. This Amendment and the Credit Agreement shall be read together, as one document.


4.            Borrower hereby remakes all representations and warranties contained in the Credit Agreement and reaffirms all covenants set forth therein. Borrower further certifies that as of the date of this Amendment there exists no Event of Default as defined in the Credit Agreement, nor any condition, act or event which with the giving of notice or the passage of time or both would constitute any such Event of Default.




5.              Borrower hereby covenants that Borrower shall provide to Bank from time to time such other information as Bank may request for the purpose of enabling Bank to fulfill its regulatory and compliance requirements, standards and processes. Borrower hereby represents and warrants to Bank that all information provided from time to time by Borrower or any Third Party Obligor to Bank for the purpose of enabling Bank to fulfill its regulatory and compliance requirements, standards and processes was complete and correct at the time such information was provided and, except as specifically identified to Bank in a subsequent writing, remains complete and correct today, and shall be complete and correct at each time Borrower is required to reaffirm the representations and warranties set forth in the Credit Agreement.


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IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto, intending to be legally bound hereby, have caused this Amendment to be effective as of the effective date set forth above.


By:   By:
Name:  Mark D. Fandrich    Name:  Kael Peterson 
Title:    Chief Financial Officer    Title:    Senior Vice President 


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