Executive Incentive Plan

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PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company

Executive Incentive Plan

January 2020

  Approved by
Board of Directors:
  Approved by
  Compensation Committee:








PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company

Executive Incentive Plan 



The success of both PeoplesBank and Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc. (“the Company”) is dependent upon the Company’s ability to meet and exceed financial and strategic objectives, increase the value of the franchise and operate in the best long-term interests of the shareholders. This success is dependent upon the contributions of each individual executive which collectively impact the Company’s performance and results.


PeoplesBank intends to provide executives with a structured incentive compensation opportunity in order to recognize the contribution that each makes to the overall performance of the Company. The purpose of this incentive plan is to motivate, reward and reinforce performance and achievement of corporate goals and individual performance/contributions in support of the Company’s strategic objective for growth and profitability.


While risk is an inherent aspect of business, this compensation plan is designed to reward executives for certain levels of performance without encouraging undue risk-taking which could materially threaten the safety and soundness of the Company or business unit.


This Executive Incentive Plan (“the Plan”) has been developed as a meaningful compensation tool to encourage and reward participants for the part that they play in the overall success of the Company. The Plan is designed to:


provide a form of results-oriented variable compensation which is directly linked to overall Company performance, and,


provide for recognition of individual contribution to the Company’s performance


II.Plan Year

The plan year for this program will be the calendar year, January 1 – December 31. The Plan will pay out annually based on achievement of established goals and performance measures. The performance measures for the Plan will be determined, calculated and approved annually.


III.Eligibility for Participation

All PeoplesBank executives who meet the criteria below will be eligible to participate in the Executive Incentive Plan. A listing of participant categories by grouping appears in Exhibit A.


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PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company

Executive Incentive Plan 


Eligibility for incentive payout will be determined by the participant’s most recent performance rating. To be eligible, individuals must have a minimally satisfactory rating and not be on probation and/or written warning during the plan year or at the time of award payment. Newly hired executives will be eligible for participation in the Plan providing they started employment prior to October 1 of the plan year. Payout for current year hires will be pro-rated based on their actual pay during the plan year. If the individual started employment after October 1, the executive will be eligible for the next plan year.


A participant’s eligibility ceases at termination of employment (except in the case of retirement, death or disability) and the participant will not receive any awards under the Plan beyond those already received. To be eligible for an award, an executive must be employed as of the payout date.


IV.Incentive Opportunities

Each participant will have a target incentive opportunity based on his/her role and competitive market practice. Incentive opportunities will be defined as a percentage of base pay. Base pay is actual base salary earned as of December 31 of the plan year. See Exhibit A for targets by participant categories.


V.Payout Range

Actual awards will pay out at a reduced level (i.e.50% of target) for threshold performance, at 100% for target performance and at higher level (i.e.150% of target) for stretch/maximum or above performance. Performance below threshold will be zero.


VI.Performance Goals

Each participant will have defined performance goals. The goals and weights are determined at the beginning of each plan year and may change from year to year. The goals are established by the Compensation Committee and Executive Management in conjunction with the annual budget process. Company goals are selected to be aligned with business/strategic plan and reflect annual financial measures such as net income, return on assets, return on equity, earnings per share, balance sheet growth or similar indicators. Personal goals generally reflect each participant’s unique role and responsibilities and may include Action Plan objectives as deemed appropriate. Threshold, target, and maximum goals will be defined as quantifiable goals.


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PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company

Executive Incentive Plan 


The performance goals for the plan year are found in Exhibit A. Individual participant performance measures will be documented in the format that is specific, measurable, time bound, and directly tied to the budget and or action plan item for the calendar year.


VII.Award Calculation and Distribution

Payout amounts are calculated according to the level of overall performance achievement as compared to goals as explained in Exhibit A. Payout for performance between the threshold and target and target and maximum is interpolated.


Incentive payouts will be approved by the Compensation Committee. Final incentive payouts can be adjusted downward based on an assessment of risk by the Compensation Committee.


Actual individual payouts are then distributed to eligible participants based on payout percentage of base pay (defined as actual base salary earned as of December 31 of the plan year) for the year.


Payment will be made following the release of the prior year financials by the external auditors. This will occur no later than March 15 of the following year. The Company will deduct from all payments under this plan any federal, state or local taxes required by law to be withheld from such payments. Any participant terminating employment (except retirement, death, or disability) prior to actual payment of award will forfeit that award.




Effective Date

This Plan is effective January 1, 2020 for the performance period of January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. The Plan will be reviewed annually by the Compensation Committee to ensure proper alignment with the Company’s objectives. The Company’s Compensation Committee retains the right as described below to amend, modify or discontinue the Plan at any time during the specified period. The Plan will remain in effect until earned incentive compensation is paid to participants.


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PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company

Executive Incentive Plan 


Plan Authorization and Oversight

This Plan is authorized by the Board of Directors. The Compensation Committee has the sole authority to interpret the Plan and to make or nullify any rules and procedures, as necessary, for proper administration. Any determination by the Committee and/or Board of Directors will be final and binding. The Compensation Committee may, in its sole discretion, terminate, modify or amend any aspect of the Plan. Amendments can include adjustments to award calculations for any significant extraordinary financial items occurring in any given time period. However, no Plan amendment or termination will adversely affect an outstanding award.


The Compensation Committee shall have full power and authority to construe, interpret, manage and control this plan. The plan administrator shall be designated at the discretion of the Compensation Committee.


Any decisions made or action taken by the Committee arising out of, or in connection with, the administration, interpretation and effect of the Plan shall be at their absolute discretion and will be conclusive and binding on all parties. The Company reserves the right to amend, suspend, reinstate or terminate all or any part of the Plan at any time.


The Company will give prompt written notice to each participant of any amendment, suspension, termination or any material modification of the Plan. The Compensation Committee also reserves the right to withhold or amend award payments based on performance or circumstances deemed highly unusual.


Risk Assessment

At least annually, the Director of Human Resources or Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Risk Officer (who has responsibility for risk assessment) will review this plan and provide a report including a detailed assessment regarding any risk issues inherent in the Plan. This risk report and the plan document in full will be reviewed by the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors to ensure that the plan design is consistent with the compensation philosophy of the Company and that the Plan does not motivate undue risk taking. The annual review will also include the market competitiveness of the Plan, the plan’s alignment with the Company’s strategic plan, an assessment of how the Plan meets the objectives in the Introduction of this document, plus the Plan’s impact on the overall safety and soundness of the Company. The Committee will then provide a report and recommendations to the full Board of Directors who are responsible to approve the Plan.


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PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company

Executive Incentive Plan 


Leave of Absence

Employees on a leave of absence (including FMLA, Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability, etc.) will be eligible; however, their distribution will be pro-rated based upon the number of full months of work completed during the plan year under consideration.


Termination of Employment

If a participant is terminated by the Company or resigns, no incentive award will be distributed except death, disability or retirement.


If a participant ceases to be employed by the Company due to death, disability or retirement, his/her incentive award distribution for the Plan year will be pro-rated based on the number of full months of work completed during the plan year under consideration.



The Plan does not constitute a contract of employment, and participation in the Plan does not give any employee the right to be retained in the service of the Company or any right or claim to an award under the Plan unless specifically accrued under the terms of this plan. Designation as a plan participant conveys the opportunity, but not the right, to any awards conferred under the Plan.


Any right of a participant or his or her beneficiary to the payment of an award under this plan may not be assigned, transferred, pledged or encumbered.


IX.Governing Law

Except as preempted under federal law, the provisions of the Plan shall be construed, administered and enforced in accordance with the domestic internal law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


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PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company

Executive Incentive Plan 

X.Plan Approval

This plan has been approved by the Board of Directors of Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc. on January 14, 2020.

  Board of Directors  
  Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc.  
  Compensation Committee  
  Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc.  


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PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company

Executive Incentive Plan 


Exhibit A

Performance Goals - Plan Year 2020


Corporate Pre-Tax, Pre-Prov. Income * $[redacted]** $[redacted]** $[redacted]**
  ROE * [redacted]**% [redacted]**% [redacted]**%
  Efficiency Ratio * [redacted]**% [redacted]**% [redacted]**%
Individual Individual Performance * TBD
Total   100%      

*Assigned per below


2020 Performance Measure Weightings            
            2019   2020  
All Participants receive     Performance Measure   Weight   Weight  
the same weighting                  
    Pre-Tax, Pre-Provision Income   40%   40%  
      ROE     25%   25%  
      Efficiency Ratio   20%   20%  
      Individual     15%   15%  
            100%   100%  


Parameters for 2020

1.Base pay is defined as actual base salary earned as of December 31 of plan year.
2.Generally, Company performance factor(s) must meet or exceed threshold to initiate an award in the Plan. Each performance factor is assessed independently from the other performance factors.
3.Awards for performance above threshold but between defined points (threshold, target, maximum) will be interpolated.
4.Performance above maximum level will be paid at maximum award level.
5.The Compensation Committee has the discretion to adjust incentive payments down by as much as 100% if it is determined that excessive risk has been taken. This can be done on an individual or overall basis, as appropriate.
6.Pre-Tax, Pre-Provision Income is defined as net income after all expenses including the dividend paid on the preferred shares and the expense of the awards under this plan and before taxes and provision for loan loss.
7.Return on Equity is the amount of Net Income available to common shareholders as a percentage of average common shareholders’ equity.
8.Efficiency Ratio is the amount of the Bank’s total noninterest expenses (“overhead”) as a percentage of total revenues. The determination of total revenues excludes the impact of ALLL provision and gain on sales of investment securities


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PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company

Executive Incentive Plan 

2020 Participant Target Awards


Participant Threshold Target Maximum
Executive Chairman 12.5% 25% 37.5%
President & CEO 12.5% 25% 37.5%
Executive Leadership Team 10.0% 20% 30.0%
Grandfathered Leadership 7.5% 15% 22.5%


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