Translation of CTBC Bank Credit Line Approval, dated September 12, 2018

Contract Categories: Business Finance - Credit Agreements
EX-10.79 5 tv516373_ex10-79.htm EXHIBIT 10.79


Exhibit 10.79


CTBC Bank Co., Ltd.

Notification of Credit Line Approval


Next Annual Review Date: August 31th, 2019


1.      Credit Grantee Name and Joint and Several Guarantor:

Credit Grantee / Legal



China United Insurance Services, Inc.


Yi-Hsiao Mao

Joint and Several
Law Insurance Broker Co. Ltd.
Co-Issuer of a Negotiable
Law Insurance Broker Co. Ltd.
Promissory Note Issuer
2.      Credit Line Approval (Including Financial Transaction Limit)
(1)   Details of Approved Credit Line  
Credit Type Product Type Amount Term (months) Interest Rate and/or Administrative Fees

General Credit-Short-Term with No Collaterals


Short Term –Foreign Currency USD 1,500,000 12

Foreign Currency Interest Rate:

Negotiated Price

(2)   Terms and Conditions of Credit Granting
General Provisions

1.     Use of Funds: Pay for operating expenses; repay the disbursement fee of operating expense of subsidiary companies

2.     The following part of this case is payable, which refers to the funds that will be allocated over USD1,000,0000 after Law Insurance Broker Co. Ltd. finishing distributing interests to upper layer shareholders in August 2019.

Special Provisions -

(3)   Notes

After your company signs this notification, as the market condition changes, CTBC reserves the rights to approve or reject your company’s application for withdrawing or using the credit line based on the original interest rate/administrative charge. If your company indeed demands funds, your company can apply for drawdown only after both parties have agree on the interest rate/administrative charge or the credit line, and record the information on the relevant drawdown application. Any matter not addressed herein shall be resolved by reference to CTBC’s credit line agreement and relevant policies.



CTBC Bank Co., Ltd.


China United Insurance Service, Inc. (seal)


Date: September 12, 2018