License Agreement, by and between Inscripta, Inc. and Century Therapeutics, Inc., dated January 1, 2019

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MAD7 Research and Development License

Effective January 1, 2019

License Type Non-exclusive, non-transferable license in the Licensed Fields of Use from Inscripta, Inc. for research and development using 1) the MAD7 nuclease (as defined by SEQ ID NO:7 in U.S.  Pat.  No. 9,982,279); or 2) native and codon optimized nucleic acids encoding a MAD7 nuclease. 1) and 2) collectively are referred to as “MAD7”.  This license in the Licensed Fields of Use is irrevocable, subject to licensee not using MAD7 in the Excluded Fields of Use below without reaching further agreement with Inscripta.
Inscripta, Inc. Contact General Counsel, Inscripta, Inc. ( ***@***)
Licensed Patent(s) U.S.  Patent No. 9,982,279, U.S.  Patent No. 10,337,028, and applications claiming priority therefrom, including continuations, continuations-in part, divisionals, and foreign counterparts.
Licensed Fields of Use 1) Use of MAD7 to perform research and development in both academic and commercial settings with no restrictions on plant or animal species and varieties; 2) use of MAD7 to perform commercial services, subject to the Excluded Fields of Use.
Excluded Fields of use 1) Sale or re-sale of MAD7, including as part of a therapeutic product; or 2) continued use of MAD7 in a commercial manufacturing process; and 3) use of MAD7 in the editing of human embryos.  For clarity, the use of MAD7 to create a commercial product that does not physically contain MAD7 at the time of sale and does not require continued use of MAD7 for manufacture is not considered an Excluded Field of Use.
Licensed Territory Worldwide
Duration The duration of the last valid claim of the Licensed Patent(s)
Initial License Fee None
Earned Royalties None

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Delaware, without reference to conflict of laws principles

Sublicensing Not permitted; collaborators and/or distribution partners can acquire an individual license on the same terms as provided herein.


By:   /s/ Dianne L. DeVore   By:   /s/ Janelle Anderson
Printed Name:  Dianne L. DeVore   Printed Name:  Janelle Anderson
Title:  General Counsel   Title:  Chief Strategy Officer
Date:  January 1, 2019   Date 1 Jan 2019


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