Annual Retainer Summary for Board of Directors

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Exhibit 10.31
Non-Employee Director Compensation
The following is a summary of the retainers and meeting fees payable to non-employee directors effective July 1, 2018:
Annual Board Retainer
Annual Retainers (in addition to Annual Board Retainer):
Independent Chairman of the Board
Audit Committee Chair
Compensation and Management Development Committee Chair
Corporate Governance Committee Chair
Finance Committee Chair
Risk Committee Chair
Science and Technology Committee Chair
Audit Committee Member (other than Chair)
Meeting Fees
Board of Directors Meetings (per meeting day):
In-person attendance
Telephonic attendance
Committee Meetings (per meeting attended by each such committee member in person or telephonically)
Attendance at Annual Science and Technology Committee Portfolio Review (per day)
Special service fee (for each full day of service other than in connection with Board or Committee meetings)