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Confirmation of transaction, by and between Bel Fuse Inc. and KeyBank National Association, dated as of December 6, 2021

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BEL FUSE INC. (“Counterparty”)



Marc Pryor



no email address available






Interest Rate Swap Transaction (“Transaction”)


(Deal # 387930 / Tran # 387949)


(Deal # 387930 / Tran # 387949)





Ladies and Gentlemen:


The purpose of this letter agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions of the Transaction entered into between us on the Trade Date specified below. This letter agreement constitutes a "Confirmation" as referred to in the ISDA Master Agreement specified below.


The definitions and provisions contained in the 2006 ISDA Definitions (the "Definitions") as published by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. ("ISDA"), and amended from time to time, are incorporated into this Confirmation. In the event of any inconsistency between this Confirmation and the Definitions, this Confirmation will govern.


This Confirmation supplements, forms part of and is subject to, the ISDA Master Agreement dated as of


November 16, 2021 as amended and supplemented from time to time (the “Agreement”), between you and us.  All provisions contained in the Agreement shall govern this Confirmation except as expressly modified below.


Each party represents to the other party that:


(a) Non-Reliance. It is acting for its own account, and it has made its own independent decisions to enter into this Transaction and as to whether this Transaction is appropriate or proper for it based upon its own judgment and upon advice from such advisers as it has deemed necessary. It is not relying on any




communication (written or oral) of the other party as investment advice or as a recommendation to enter into this Transaction, it being understood that information and explanations related to the terms and conditions of a Transaction will not be considered investment advice or a recommendation to enter into this Transaction.  No communication (written or oral) received from the other party will be deemed to be an assurance or guarantee as to the expected results of this Transaction.


(b) Assessment and Understanding. It is capable of assessing the merits of and understanding (on its own behalf or through independent professional advice), and understands and accepts, the terms, conditions and risks of this Transaction. It is also capable of assuming, and assumes, the risks of this Transaction.


(c) Status of Parties. The other party is not acting as a fiduciary for or an adviser to it in respect of this




(d) Eligible Contract Participant Status. It is an “eligible contract participant”, as that term is defined in Section 1a(18) of the Commodity Exchange Act, as amended, and the applicable regulations related thereto.


The terms of the Transaction to which this Confirmation relates are as follows:




General Terms:


Notional Amount:                           $30,000,000 USD   


Trade Date:                                    12/06/2021


Effective Date:                               12/31/2021


Termination Date:                           08/31/2026


Business Days:                               London and New York


Fixed Amount Details:


Fixed Rate Payer:                        


Payment Date:

Monthly, on the Last , commencing on 31-Jan-22 , up to and including the Termination Date , subject to adjustment in accordance with Modified Following Business Day Convention


Fixed Rate:



Day Count Fraction:




Floating Amount Details:


Floating Rate Payer:


Payment Date:

Monthly, on the Last , commencing on 31-Jan-22 , up to and including the Termination Date , subject to adjustment in accordance with Modified Following Business Day Convention





Floating Rate for

initial Calculation

Period including


To be determined

Floating Rate Option:

USD-LIBOR-BBA, however the reference to 'London Banking Days' in the third line of the definition of 'USD-LIBOR-BBA' as published in Section 7.1(ab).(xxii) of the Definitions is replaced by 'New York and London' Bank Days


Designated Maturity:






Floating Rate Day

Count Fraction:



Reset Dates:

The first day of each Floating Rate Payer Calculation Period




Calculation Agent:                           As per the Agreement,  or if not specified therein, KeyBank  




Account Details:                                       


Payment Method :                          Please Provide






Other Provisions:                                




Counterparty Portal Access:


KeyBank will provide access to view the daily mid-market marks of your outstanding Transactions through a secured website, Key Derivatives On-line (“KDO”).  Unless you notify KeyBank in writing that you do not agree to receive the daily mid-market marks via KDO, you agree that KDO is an acceptable and reliable manner of disclosure.


The following individuals will receive logon information and access to KDO once the Confirmation has been executed by an authorized signer(s) and returned to KeyBank.  Please provide additional names and contact information in writing as required.



Email Address





Please confirm the foregoing correctly sets forth the terms of our agreement by responding within two (2) Business Days by returning an executed copy of this Confirmation to the attention of Derivative Operations at ***@*** or facsimile at ###-###-####. Failure to respond within such period shall not affect the validity or enforceability of this Transaction, and shall be deemed to be an affirmation of the terms and conditions contained herein, absent manifest error.








   By: /s/ Mary Chudzinski   


Name: Name: Mary Chudzinski

Title:  Authorized Signature


Accepted and Confirmed as

of the Trade Date



By:  /s/ Farouq Tuweiq   


Name:  Farouq Tuweiq

Title:  CFO