Independent Director Compensation Policy, as amended

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The purpose of this Independent Director Compensation Policy (this “Policy”) of BeiGene, Ltd. (the “Company”) is to provide a total compensation package that enables the Company to attract and retain, on a long-term basis, high-caliber directors who meet the general independence requirements under NASDAQ Rule 5605(a)(2) and Rule 3.13 of the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. In furtherance of this purpose, all members of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the Company who are independent directors under NASDAQ Rule 5605(a)(2) shall be paid compensation for services provided to the Company as set forth below:

Cash Retainers

Annual Retainer for Board Membership
For general availability and participation in meetings and conference calls of the Board. No additional compensation for attending individual Board meetings.


Additional Annual Retainers for Committee Membership and Service as Chairperson
Audit Committee Chairperson:


Audit Committee member:


Compensation Committee Chairperson:


Compensation Committee member:


Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Chairperson:


Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee member:


Commercial Advisory Committee Chairperson:


Commercial Advisory Committee member:


Scientific Advisory Committee Chairperson:


Scientific Advisory Committee member:


No additional compensation for attending individual committee meetings.
All cash retainers will be paid quarterly, in arrears, or upon the earlier resignation or removal of the independent director. Cash retainers owing to independent directors shall be annualized, meaning that independent directors who join the Board during the calendar year, such amounts shall be pro-rated based on the number of calendar days served by such director.

Equity Retainers

Upon initial election or appointment to the Board: An initial equity grant (the “Initial Grant”) on the date of such election or appointment (the “grant date” for the Initial Grant) with an initial value of $300,000 on the grant date, pro-rated based on the number of calendar days to be served from the grant date until the first anniversary of the most recent Annual Meeting.

Annual equity grants: On the date of the Company’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders (the “Annual Meeting”), each continuing independent member of the Board who is eligible to receive awards under this Plan will receive an annual equity grant (the “Annual Grant”) with an initial value of $300,000 on the date of grant.

Terms and Conditions of Initial Grant and Annual Grant: Each of the Initial Grant and the Annual Grant (together, the “Equity Awards”) shall consist of 100% share options (“Options”). The number of Options will be the applicable grant value divided by the per share option value on the date of grant determined in accordance with the Company’s standard option valuation practices. The Options will have an exercise price equal to the higher of (i) the fair market value per share of the Company’s shares on the date of grant, and (ii) the average fair market value per share of the Company’s shares for the five trading days immediately preceding the date of grant. The Equity Awards shall be governed by, and subject to the terms and conditions of, the Company’s 2016 Share Option and Incentive Plan (as may be amended from time to time) and


standard form of grant agreements in effect on the date of grant. In addition, the Equity Awards shall vest in full (i.e., in a single installment) upon the earlier to occur of the first anniversary of the date of grant or the date of the next Annual Meeting; provided, however, that all vesting shall cease if the director resigns from the Board or otherwise ceases to serve as a director other than as set forth below or the Board determines that the circumstances warrant continuation of vesting. In addition, all Options shall be exercisable for three years following cessation of service, and all Equity Awards shall accelerate in full upon (i) death, (ii) disability, (iii) termination of service in connection with a change of control of the Company, or (iv) upon a change of control of the Company if the director’s service continues and the awards are not assumed by the acquiror at the time of the change of control.

Limitations on Independent Director Compensation

Cash and equity compensation payable to independent directors under this Policy shall be subject to any limits, terms and conditions set forth in any Company policy or equity incentive plan or as otherwise adopted by the Board from time to time.


The Company shall reimburse all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by independent directors in attending Board and committee meetings.

ADOPTED: November 16, 2016
EFFECTIVE: November 16, 2016
AMENDED: June 6, 2018, June 5, 2019 and April 13, 2020*

* Cash retainers for the Commercial Advisory Committee and the Scientific Advisory Committee, which were created on February 26, 2020, shall commence with the second quarter 2020.